SXEWSolvent Extraction and Electrowinning (copper mining)
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Managing director, Brad Marwood, said : "Construction of our SXEW plant at Kipoi commenced in January 2013 so we are delighted that it is in production well ahead of our original start date and anticipate strong operating performance from the plant.
8% increase in the volume of material moved and unit costs being 4% higher than budget due to higher fuel consumption from the mining fleet that is nearing the end of its life, higher explosive costs, and higher than planned mined volumes of low-grade ore involving additional haulage distances to the Kipoi SXEW plant ROM stockpiles.
Tiger Resources is also working with SNEL on assuring power supply for its SXEW, which will become operational in 2014.
The SXEW plant is on schedule to commence production of copper cathode in Q2 2014.
Ore stockpiles and residues from the HMS plant will provide feed to the SXEW plant for the first two years of operations without the need for further mining.
The Company plans to produce 25,000t of copper cathode in the first full 12 months of production at the SXEW plant, and 50,000t per year from then on.
Heap leach commissioning from the agglomerator to the stacker of the SXEW plant was successfully completed on 27 December 2013, and is operating as expected.
The intention of Grupo Mexico is to maintain and improve the productive plant of SPCC--that means continuing with the mine and concentrator facility expansion in Toquepala, the construction of an SXEW facility in Cuajone or the expansion of the one located in Toquepala," said German Larrea, chairman of the board of directors of GM and SPCC.
Supplies produced by the low-cost SXEW process grew faster than those obtained from concentrates.