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SYNSynonym (file name extension)
SYNSynyster Gates (guitarist)
SYNSynechocystis (bacteria)
SYNSynaspismos (Greek political party)
SYNSynonym File
SYNSynchronous Idle
SYNStudent Youth Network (Australia)
SYNStudent Youth Network, Inc. (Australia)
SYNScrew Your Neighbor (game show podcast affiliated with The Awful Show)
SYNSouth Yorkshire Newspapers
SYNSynchronous Idle Mode
SYNSomething Yet Nothing (band)
SYNSeven Year Night (band)
SYNSmoke Yourself Numb
SYNSinister Yet Noble (gaming clan; World of Warcraft)
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MostFit's SYN Rings allow users to easily attach and suspend weight plates from a standard Olympic weightlifting bar.
Not only does Rennie offer a useful insight into the potential and difficulties faced by youth radio, but she also speaks to the changing media environment and the ways in which SYN has responded to these.
Derinant visas sias apsaugos priemones, galimas optimalus serverio nustatymas, kai esant tam tikrai SYN uztvindymo atakai, DoS efektas pakankamai mazas ir nejuntamas teisetiems sistemos vartotojams.
The cross-licensing agreement between SYN X and Roche Diagnostics is another important step on our way to set up a new gold standard for congestive heart failure testing.
CDNetworks says the SYN and data flooding can theoretically be blocked if SYN packets with data are detected.