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The new Synaps AV-168 audio-visual cables work with all 30-pin dockable iPods and are suitable for iPod Nano/Classic/Touch, iPhone and iPad, priced at GBP29.
Caption: Thales' new SYNAPS radio series is based upon the firm's CONTACT products, as seen here, which it is developing for the French Army.
But Synaps would take all the beating on her best form last year, if she gets the trip.
SYNAPS is available in sheet and large format reel options, designed for a wide range of end use applications.
Synaps is a joint venture between Ipreo, a fintech and analytics provider, and Symbiont, which provides distributed ledger technology for institutions.
The transceivers comprising the SYNAPS family share the same hardware as those being procured for the CONTACT programme, with the exception that they are bereft of the national proprietary encryption and security features which will equip the AdA's CONTACT radios.
In addition to hierarchical communications, SYNAPS provides a unique collaborative combat capability based on real-time horizontal communications between all the units on the ground.
Agfa Specialty Products, a global supplier of functional foils in a variety of application markets, and Matset, one of the leaders of the Graphic Arts industry in Turkey, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement for the distribution of Agfas SYNAPS synthetic paper in Turkey.
The agreement covers the distribution of SYNAPS OM for offset printing and SYNAPS XM for xerographic or dry toner printing and also includes the pressure sensitive SYNAPS AP and SYNAPS AR, respectively with permanent and removable adhesion strength.