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SYNCMLSynchronization Markup Language
SYNCMLSynchronized Markup Language
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The client provisioning module of the Mobile Gateway reduces the support costs associated with the introduction of push email by providing an intuitive end-user portal for mobile device provisioning of IMAP, SMTP and SyncML clients.
SyncML is the open standard that drives data mobility by establishing a common language for communications between devices, applications and networks.
With magic4 SyncML, any personal information, such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contact information and other relevant data, will be consistent, accessible and up to date, no matter where the information is stored, magic4 SyncML works across all mobile bearers as well as platforms such as Palm.
The demonstration was given at the first SyncML Supporter Summit on Friday 23 June in Los Angeles, California.
SyncML hopes to banish the nuisance for executives and consumers of trying to keep files, emails and address lists updated on a growing number of computers - at work, at home, on a laptop or on a mobile phone.
O3SIS SyncML and Backup and Restore are reportedly components of the company's Unified Mobile Applications (UMA) platform, which provides Over-the-Air data synchronization, a full-featured address book, mobile device backup/restore, and mobile personal information management (PIM) functionality.
Based on the open industry standard SyncML defined by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the Synchronica SyncML Gateway can work with any SyncML-enabled mobile phone.
SynCML operates by ensuring that all e-mail, calendars, to-do lists, contact information and other relevant data on a mobile device will be constant and up to date.
Released several months ahead of schedule, the specification includes a full description of the SyncML format and details of the SyncML synchronization protocol, while the toolkit includes information on using SyncML over HTTP, WAP and OBEX.
The SyncML initiative, founded by Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Palm Inc.
Synchronica plc, a provider of mobile synchronisation and device management solutions, has licensed its synchronisation software SyncML Gateway to IXI Mobile Inc, a telecomms manufacturer in the US.