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SYNOP Liquid Precipitation parameter (RRR code): It represents the liquid precipitation amount in (mm) during the previous 6 h, for SYNOP reports registered at 00 : 00 and 12 : 00 UTC, or the previous 12 h, for those ones collected at 06:00 and 18: 00 UTC before the SYNOP observation.
In the absence of colocated rain gauge data, SYNOP reports, widely available, can be evaluated in order to identify rainy conditions during radiosoundings.
1]) is defined on the basis of the SYNOP Present Weather parameter.
This information is obtained from the SYNOP Liquid Precipitation parameter (RRR), as it was explained in Section 2.
3]) is based on the presence of rain in 6h after the radiosonde launching, also obtained from the SYNOP Liquid Precipitation parameter (RRR).
To illustrate the use of the method, RAOBs and SYNOP records from year 2007 have been used as input data.
They could probably be related to rain events that affected the sounding measurement, but that occurred earlier or later than the SYNOP present time observation.
This comparison supports the conclusion that, in the absence of rain gauge data, the method based on SYNOP criteria can be a valuable tool of identification in order to evaluate the presence of rain during RAOBs.
Thus, a method is proposed in order to identify rainy conditions, which is based on a set of identification criteria defined, in turn, by an analysis of parameters extracted from concurrent SYNOP reports, coupled with an auxiliary ILWC threshold in order to refine the procedure.
Figures 3b, d, and f allow a station-by-station comparison of SEVIRI with SYNOP data.
This climatology of sunshine from SEVIRI and SYNOPs has a number of practical implications beyond solar cooking--for example, it could be used to examine the feasibility of solar electricity generation.