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SYSPLEXSystem Complex
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Downgrade in the Parallel Sysplex remaining IBM zEnterprise 196 Model 2817-703 to 2817-503 model as a high water mark while retaining the 703 Capacity Makers.
The PLSC charges are based on the aggregate full processing power in MSUs of all machines that are linked using IBM's Parallel Sysplex clustering technology, which allows many mainframes to run the same work under a scale-out parallel architecture.
The first people to get this right were IBM with DB2 and the Sysplex mainframe clustering technology.
Landmark's TMON for USS provides a snapshot of the activity on your current image or sysplex, emphasizing resources being consumed by UNIX workloads and identifying potential performance problems.
This is part of the reason why we're helping dm Drugstore Corporation with its IBM mainframe Parallel Sysplex connectivity.
The solution includes a new IBM z10 mainframe and the upgrade of Kazakh Railways' existing z9 mainframe connected by a Parallel Sysplex.
IBM said that it had utilised the mainframe's Parallel Sysplex technology and successfully implemented the system migration from System z990 without interrupting KEB Card's business.
Ciena's CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform (with Geographically Distributed Parallel Sysplex support) is a new development in wide area network (WAN) technology that incorporates a dense wavelength multiplexer to increase speed and reduce costs.
With TOM, MAINVIEW AutoOPERATOR for OS/390 allows customers to more fully and easily control key IT assets across the Sysplex, setting a new standard in assuring the availability and interdependencies of key resources.
Protocol Transparency/Low Latency--Most DWDM systems support Fibre Channel, ESCON, ATM, FICON, GbE, SONET/SDH, Sysplex Coupling Facility timers, and video.
Conceptually equivalent to IBM's S/390 Parallel Sysplex configuration, the new systems will go up against the 64-bit S/390s IBM also plans to make available by the end of next year.
The servers work together with Allstate's traditional IBM ES/9000 mainframes in a new type of architecture called Parallel Sysplex, an arrangement of systems and connectivity technology that allows processors in the mainframe complex to share work loads.