SYTESouthern Youth Theatre Ensemble (Port Noarlunga, Australia)
SYTESay Yes to Education (various schools)
SYTESomei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble (San Francisco, CA)
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Such data support the overall success of the SYTE program.
In Chapter 5, "Living the Gift," Newberg presents more quantitative data to highlight the effectiveness of the SYTE program.
Newberg discusses the lessons that the SYTE program staff learned from the Belmont 112 and the potential policy implications of these findings.
I believe that Newberg does an excellent job of detailing how SYTE changed the lives of the Belmont 112.
The SYTE program tried to model the kinds of activities that need to be implemented if more inner-city students are to succeed.
The SAT course was one more example to the faculty and administration that SYTE had high expectations for its students.
If SYTE was going to change the odds for student success, the staff believed that a comprehensive approach was essential: one that combined an array of social supports, academic monitoring, advocacy for school reform, and deep parental involvement.
31) Each of these school-level transitions for SYTE students was a disastrous experience: 23% of the students were retained in seventh grade, 30% in ninth grade.
The SYTE leadership felt that it would be helpful to concentrate a substantial proportion of its students in a small, caring school so that academic and social development could be supported.
Thus, SYTE became a program that attempted to change the context of school and the odds that defeat inner-city students' success.
Although SYTE program costs estimated $5 million dollars, the benefits both to individuals and society exceeded $11 million (Newberg, 2006, p.
The SYTE program demonstrates how in-depth, sustained intervention with at-risk students does make a difference" (Newberg, 2006, p.