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SZDSchottenstein Zox & Dunn (Ohio)
SZDSeverely Zinc Deficient
SZDSouth Zone Deposit (mining tract; Canada)
SZDSteel Zinc Dichromate
SZDSzybowcowe Zaklady Doswiadczalne (Polish: Glider Experimental Works; aircraft)
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The combination creates a bigger platform and even deeper levels of service, knowledge and experience," said Jim Davidson, the president of SZD.
Alan Starkoff, member of Schottenstein Zox & Dunn's management committee, worked closely with Powell during the formation of SZD Whiteboard and noted, "David's strategic management skills will greatly benefit NetJets.
Geofine discovered the northern extension of the SZD in 1999 in the Gold Gully and MEXT Zone areas.
Brigadier General Csaba Ugrik, base commander at HDF 59th SZD Airbase, Kecskemt, said that the past 10 years of experience show Gripen to be a very capable, reliable, and affordable aircraft, which gives the Hungarian Air Force full control of the air domain, both now and in the future.
Long-term consequences SZD mean high social and health risks.
The project provides access to the appropriate information in the form of the National Health Surveillance (SZD) to the target group (public authorities, government departments, agencies and employees of such organizations and organizational units established / managed by those agencies and their employees) mainly use information from the system for research SZD and publication work and enable healthcare managers to use information from the SZD as a basis for economic planning and rozhodovEinE[degrees].