SZFSlovenska Znanstvena Fundacija (Slovenian: Slovenian Science Foundation; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
SZFSouthern Zonal Forum (Narcotics Anonymous)
SZFSonic Zone Forums
SZFSaufen, Zocken, Fürstenau (gaming clan)
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The E-Disk(R)SAN SZF allows uninhibited performance acceleration of enterprise applications by enabling hardware consolidation and providing spacious real estate for data streaming applications and I/O intensive files.
5 million IOPS, the E-Disk(R)SAN SZF offers an impressive reliability specification of 400,000 hours MTBF.
Based on BiTMICRO's intelligent E-Disk(R) platform of flash solid state disks (SSDs), the E-Disk(R)SAN SZF is a SSD cache solution that comes with complete hardware redundancy, remote software management worldwide, and optional advanced RAID controller functionality for ease of use.