SZMSattelzugmaschinen (German: Semi-trailer truck)
SZMStereo Zoom Microscope
SZMStructure Zone Model
SZMSport Z Magazine (Bernalillo, NM)
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The morphology of SZZ and SZM is diamond and nanorod, respectively.
As shown in Table 2, the conversion of methanol is SZT SZM SZZ SCFZ, which is agreement with the XRD results.
For the SZM risk, this simplifies to [pi] = X - [square root of [X.
At the other extreme, however, an all-or-nothing SZM wager (m = 1) generates an error of 100 %.
The first introduction of a comprehensive SZM arrived in 1969 from Movchan and Demchishin (1969).
In 1971, Sanders (1971) proposed a SZM based upon Movchan and Demchishin's SZM.
A world leader in virtual studio systems, RT-SET products are now being used for daily live-to-air and live-to-tape news, weather, sports, children's programming and special event productions at dozens of locations worldwide, including such prestigious broadcasters as WCBS-TV (New York), BBC (United Kingdom), Tele-Europe (France), RAI -Radio Televisione Italiana (Italy), SZM PRO-7 (Germany), TV Record (Brazil), Televisa (Mexico), TVN (Chile), CCTV (China), and Asia Television (Hong Kong), among others.
18, 1998--LTV(TSE 300:LTV) Leitch Technology Corporation (TSE:LTV)--a leading provider of digital solutions to the broadcasting, post-production and telecommunications industries-announced today that, after extensive evaluation, Munich-based SZM has commissioned two Leitch ASC 12-channel VR300(tm) server systems, with 360GB of Fibre Channel RAID storage.
In Germany, five live programs use VAPOUR - SZM with "Hugo," a children's game show on Kabel 1 (a four hour weekly show), the "18:30 Daily News" on SAT.
Description of the procurement:The contracting authority implemented the supply of SZM through its subsidiary Holte Medical, a.
The contracting entity implemented the supply of SZM through its subsidiary Holte Medical, a.