SARADSouth African Rates and Data
SARADSystem Architecture and Requirements Allocation Description
SaRADSimple and Robust Acronym Dictionary (Eytan Adar)
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Display for measuring the volumetric activity of radon SARAD RTM2200 (author's photo)
Radono turinio aktyvumo matavimo monitorius SARAD RTM2200 (autoriaus nuotrauka)
See his article "Rup aur Nari," as quoted in Sarad, Nirala Granthavali, 2: 497-99.
25 HP IP Shir sarad pandey at village Umariya under Riwa D/c &
Sarad Parekh, Vice President of R&D, the Qteros lab has already achieved an over 15- fold increase in converting cellulosic plant material to ethanol with its C3 (Complete Cellulosic Conversion) platform.
The flame,'' Sarad says, ``dispels darkness from the mind and soul and signifies strength and purity.
Sarad Parekh Joins Team that is Commercializing a Proprietary Cellulosic Ethanol Production Technology
Sarad Parekh has joined as the company's Vice President of R&D.
In the laboratory, Telomolecular has regenerated aged tissues that remain permanently young and live thousands of times beyond their normal replicative life span," said Matthew Sarad, chief executive officer.
Sarad predicts cosmetic use of telomere therapy could be available within two years, and may not require FDA approval.
Sarad Investor Relations Contact Phone: 916-410-8681 Web: www.
Sarad Parekh, PhD, Director of Cell Culture Process Development.