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SABENASuch a Bad Experience, Never Again
SABENASociété Autonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne (Belgian company for exploiting aerial navigation)
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Anne Brachet, Executive Vice President AIR FRANCE KLM Engineering & Maintenance, said: "The creation of this joint venture with Sabena technics marks a new stage in AFI KLM E&M's development of a global MRO network that combines a strong industrial home base in Europe and a growing local presence for our clients.
Sabena Technics was rescued by TAT from the bankruptcy of its parent company in the middle of the previous decade.
In addition to supporting the customers that will transition from Sabena technics, this 24/7 facility will support AOG and other parts requirements for existing AAR customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Under the terms of the contract, Sabena will service the fleet of 40 aircraft including 30 A320s and A321s and 10 A330-200s and 300s.
A1/2AaIn any case, we have our own engineers there monitoring the maintenance checks, and Sabena has told us that all the planes in their hangars are being monitored by security cameras,AaA1/2Aa Kyriacou said.
Prior to the Sabena collapse, the airport was reporting a 10-15% drop in passenger numbers, pretty much in line with the European average for the post-September 11 scenario.
The new airline is expected to be smaller than Sabena but would run services to America and Africa as well as within Europe, it has been suggested.
The airline, which started life as Jersey European, pulled out all the stops to operate the early morning flight normally run by Sabena, which lost its battle for survival on Tuesday night to become the first European flag carrier to go bust in an increasingly bleak global aviation industry.
The plan also calls for cutting about 1,600 jobs as requested by Swissair and other major shareholders, Sabena said in a release.
Belgian airline Sabena has been serving Scotland since 1989 and has just announced its biggest increase in services to and from Brussels.
0bn from the sale of stakes in Sabena, the national carrier and its telecoms company Belgacom.
If you're quick, you can cash in on Sabena Airlines' $50-round-trip fare from any one of four United States cities to Brussels, Belgium.