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SABRSociety for American Baseball Research
SABRSneak Attack by Roger (Roger Federer; tennis)
SABRScalable Agile Beam Radar (active electronically scanned array; Northrup Grumman)
SABRSelectable Assault Battle Rifle
SABRSeacoast Area Bike Routes (Portsmouth, NH)
SABRSpace Age Body Refreshment (beauty equipment)
SABRStereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (radiation treatment)
SABRSpecial Assessment Baseline Review
SABRSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
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The SABR process successfully treated the caustic effluent on every occasion reducing the pH from 13+ pH to 6+ pH with the ability to balance at a desired neutral associated level, at a flow rate many times higher than design optimum utilized in a full-scale system; thus, demonstrating robustness of process and resistance to all tested operational and potential accidental flow rate fluctuations and contaminant exacerbations.
Among SABR members I also never have to argue the importance of data-collecting, correcting, preserving, and interpreting data with an open mind.
The Saudi aggressors and Al-Qaeda terrorists used Jbal Sabr as their military and air bases.
Rory Costello, SABR Bioproject Biography of Bobby Maduro, http://sabr.
SABR is a new type of radiotherapy which allows the targeting of cancers with a high degree of accuracy, minimising radiation dose and so minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
Geoffrey Proudlock who |has undergone the pioneering SABR treatment
As well as being more effective than conventional radiotherapy, SABR is also much more convenient for patients as it is delivered in three to five treatments compared to the 20 to 30 of conventional radiotherapy.
SABR uses scans and specialist equipment to precisely target radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells accurately.
Patient's characteristics, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status [sup][16] and tumor volume were encoded prior to CyberKnife SABR.
Agreement on the establishment of a joint business council, signed by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) chairman Khalid Almoayed and National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan chairman Yessimbekov Sabr Saylaubekovich.
Military and security officials say the parked car was detonated by remote control and exploded just outside the department building in the city's Sabr area on Tuesday.
The conflict has so far claimed the lives of 17 people of the Qurada and Al-Marzooh tribes, two warring parties in Sabr district in Taiz, while a further 100 people have been injured since 1997, according to Jameel Al-Samed, a local leader from Sabr who spoke with the Yemen Times over the phone.