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6) Another curious item was that both box scores showed both Grady and Gilbert with one sacrifice hit.
355), led the team in sacrifice hits (16) and led the league in being hit by pitches (21).
You botched up the question about how many sacrifice hits such sluggers as Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams had (August Baseball Digest).
First of all, you said that all of these players "registered sacrifice hits during their careers, meaning they bunted to reach base.
Sacrifice hits have nothing to do with bunting to reach base, or beating it out for a hit.
Furthermore, the scoring of sacrifice hits has varied tremendously over the years.
For example, from 1908-1925 (and 1939), scoring fly balls and sacrifice bunts were all lumped together in the sacrifice hits category.
The Dodgers were ninth in sacrifice hits with 66, 10th in sacrifice flies with 46 and went 25-21 in one-run games.
In eight seasons, ranging from the Single-A level to the major leagues to Japan, Tracy had 13 sacrifice hits and 21 sacrifice flies in 3,406 plate appearances.
Merricks made one error in 44 games and led the team with five sacrifice hits.
He led the Canadians in hits (140) and shared the club lead in sacrifice hits (12) and sacrifice flies (5).
Among the 14 NL teams, the Dodgers are in the bottom three in 11 statistical categories, from home runs to slugging percentage, runs to sacrifice hits.