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SACSSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools
SACSSend a Child to School (Argentina)
SACSSimulation for the Analysis of Computer Systems
SACSSuzuki Advanced Cooling System
SACSScottish Association for Country Sports (UK)
SACSSecure Access Control System (various organizations)
SACSState AIDS Control Society (India)
SACSSouthwest Allen County Schools (Indiana)
SACSSecondary Airport Control Station (National Geodetic Survey)
SACSSewing Arts and Craft Store
SACSSecurity Access Control System
SACSSafe and Caring Schools
SACSStealthy Affordable Capsule System
SACSStandard Accounting Classification Structure (Defense Financial Accounting Service, US DoD)
SACSStructural Analysis Computer System (Engineering Dynamics Inc.)
SACSSpastic Ataxia, Charlevoix-Saguenay type
SACSService d'Animation Culturelle et Sportive du Coud
SACSSydney Archdiocesan Catholic Schools (Sydney, Australia)
SACSSouth African Committee for Stratigraphy
SACSStructure And Composition System
SACSSTU-III Access Control System
SACSSmall Arms Capacity Survey
SACSSecurity And Communications System
SACSSatellite Control Squadron
SACSSonar/Sensor Accuracy Check Site
SACSSemi Automatic Counterfire System
SACSSouth African Chemometrics Society
SACSSaint Andrew's Cathedral School (Sydney, Australia)
SACSSymbol-Asynchronous Chip-Synchronous
SACSSprint Audio Conferencing Service
SACSStand By AC Supply
SACSSpecial Access Control System
SACSSudan Academy for Communication Sciences
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Most people don't know that anal sacs exist, until their dogs start scooting," says Jennifer Schissler, DVM, MS, DACVD, an assistant professor of dermatology at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences in Fort Collins.
Their problems are usually mechanical obstructions of the sacs rather than infections.
All 20 egg sacs were analyzed and a great uniformity in their structure was visible.
As males hover for up to a quarter of a minute, a pink sac, roughly a half-inch across, opens and closes on each wing.
The vet may need to express the sacs and put the animal on a course of antibiotics depending on the severity of the condition.
Under normal circumstances, dogs successfully manage their anal sacs all on their own to the extent that many owners never even realize they exist.
Purgue took a different approach, checking vibration in the walls of vocal sacs and other tissues when he played a range of frequencies.
We look forward to working with SACS over the coming year to address any remaining issues, and we appreciate their continuing guidance and counsel.
Even though the extra fertilized egg later dies off -- and the nonflowering Ephedra's embryo ultimately feeds on its embryo sac cells -- Friedman says this is evidence of how endosperm once formed.
The result of these policies is the web of regulatory investigations and litigation in which CEC is now entangled, most critically AIU's endangered accreditation with SACS.
AIU is committed to continuing to work closely with SACS as it continues to provide quality educational programs and services to its students.