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SJSCSaudi Joint Stock Company (Saudi Arabia)
SJSCState Joint-Stock Company
SJSCSt John Street Cycles (UK)
SJSCSan Jose State College (now San José State University; California)
SJSCSouth Jersey Ski Club (Philadelphia, PA)
SJSCSan Jose Sailing Club (California)
SJSCSan Juan Soccer Club (Puerto Rico)
SJSCSocial Justice and Social Change Research Group (University of Western Sydney; Australia)
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The year before, sociology professor Harry Edwards at California's San Jose State College (now University) had founded the Olympic Committee for Human Rights, whose goal was to mobilize black athletes at colleges for the wider civil rights struggle then rocking the nation and specifically to engineer a black boycott of the Mexico City games.
In November, the West Coast Electrical Manufacturers Association (WCEMA) issued a statement on "The Topic of Engineering Education at San Jose State College.
Johnson also acknowledged the consequences of not offering the program: "Otherwise, we believe, the pressure for authorization of a graduate engineering program by San Jose State College will prove irresistible, adding greatly to the problems of the University when it attempts to develop its own program on the new campus projected for the area.
I]t has become quite apparent that University politics are preventing San Jose State College from offering the service the University declines to give and which is needed to maintain and continue a great industry in my own county.
She graduated from Tracy High School in Lodi, and attended San Jose State College for two years.
FieldTurf is in use at San Diego State University, San Jose State College, East Los Angeles Community College and San Francisco City College.
After the war, he studied social work at San Jose State College and earned master's degrees from Notre Dame and the University of California at Berkeley.
He also taught summers at Syracuse University, San Jose State College, and the University of Illinois.
She earned a bachelor of arts degree in speech correction and elementary education from San Jose State College.
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