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Stochastic dynamic population model of North Sea sandeels, and its application to precautionary management procedures.
Announcement of competition: Rent ringnot- / trawler annual sandeels cruises in the North Sea in the period 2017 - 2020
The chicks grew well on a diet of sandeels, for which the mouth of the Dee Estuary is a hotspot.
South Shields and Roker Piers have also given pollock on crab baits fished on the bottom or on sandeels floatfished.
But, after a hectic struggle, a very plump personal best cod of 18lb came over the gunwales, which was full of flatfish and sandeels.
They eat sandeels, whose population in the Forth would have been protected by an MPA listing.
For fishing live sandeels a 3/0 or 4/0 Aberdeenstyle hook tied to the end of the hooklink will usually do the business.
Sat-navved birds in Scotland have also been recorded travelling almost 200 miles out of their way to get food, while most monitored birds on Bardsey do not stray far from their base, suggesting an abundance of their favourite prey, like sandeels.
SEA SCENE THE number of sprats and sandeels off the coast is good news for the marine environment - but it's doing shore anglers no favours.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland said a "plentiful supply" of food in the form of sandeels and other small fish has helped many species that struggled to raise chicks in recent years.
Next to sandeels, dab was the most abundant species in the North Sea, giving it real potential for further development, Seafish said.
He said the declines were being driven by changes to the availability of plankton, as a result of climate change, which had a knock-on impact on the numbers of sandeels, sprats and other small fish.