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Sap1Secreted Aspartyl Proteinase 1
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Frequency of the SAP genes and their expression in Candida species Species N Source SAP1 (%) SAP2 (%) SAP3 (%) C.
Likewise, all isolated strains expressed SAP4-SAP6 (39/ 39) and almost all expressed SAP1 (92.
RNA extraction and gene expressions of HWP1, SAP1 and PLB2 genes in C.
Down regulation of HWP1 and SAP1 genes directly correlates with results observed in separate experiments of morphological transition and proteinase production, respectively.
Down regulation of HWP1 gene with respect to control cells was observed to be 65% whereas the ratio further increases to 85% for SAP1 gene.
It could be found the fracture of semi-IPNs kept the pore structure more regular than that of non-semi-IPNs, while the fracture of SAP1 prepared without foaming agent had little pores.
The content of phosphorus in SAP1 was tested by ICP instrument (IRIS ER/S.
Because all the main characteristic bands of SAP1 were overlapped with those of SAP2 and SAP3, it was difficult to ensure that SAP1 was the copolymer of SA and sodium l-(acryloyloxy) propan-2-yl phosphate by IR spectroscopy.