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SARADASouth African Rock Art Digital Archive (Johannesburg, South Africa)
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The bomb on Air India Flight AI 182 plucked Manjari, Srikiran (then six years old) and Sarada (three years old) out of the sky, like the 326 others on that ill-fated Boeing 747, and created a void in the life of Chandrasekhar -- a void so huge that it forced Chandrasekhar to seek a new meaning and purpose in life through philanthropy.
Chopsticks couldn't stop me from demolishing her delicious kani sarada.
Luciano Poli was appointed CFO at Sarada Chemical Company (a JV between Saudi Aramco Oil and Dow Chemical) in January 2012.
Swami Bedswarupananda said, "The question is not how relevant Ma Sarada Devi is today.
Bhubaneswar, April 28 -- A six-day training programme for Consumer Advisors and Project Managers of Consumer Advice Centres (CACs) from Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal was inaugurated on Monday by the Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Sarada Prasad Nayak.
Contact: ICON International Communications Sarada Chellam schellam@iconinternational.
For media enquiries please contact: S Sarada at +91-80-67072156 or email: sarada.
Many villages of this panchayat have been affected by the changing river basin of Sarada river, flowing from the Nepal.
Published for the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science, in Bangalore, India.
However, the current edition contains a much expanded introduction (sixty-nine pages) dealing with the literature of the Katha Sakha, the age and content of the Katha Aranyaka, peculiarities of the unique manuscript of this text written on birch bark in the Sarada script, the Pravargya rite that is at the center of the text, a disquisition on the Vedic world-view and ritual ideology, and an expanded bibliography.
We knew Bryan and Sarada Malakoff by their nicknames, Sofa and Scratchy.
Sarada Gurubhagavatula of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and her colleagues analyzed blood from 103 patients who had received chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer.