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SARGSmall Arms Readiness Group (US DoD)
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SARGSyrian Arab Republic Government
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The Estonian Conservative People's Party is reminding the Reform Party, the Center Party and the Social Democratic Party, that Tartu is not Tambov and the Republic of Estonia is not the Russian Federation," Sarg said.
Claire hat ebenfalls diese Eigenschaften: Claire ist die reichste Frau der Welt und sie kennt die Zukunft; sie weiss, dass die Gullener III toten werden, und sie hat vorsorglich schon seinen Sarg mitgebracht und die Blumen dazu bestellt.
The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method was used to evaluate environment-suitability about Carya cathayensis Sarg.
Explaining their existence, Gorgik and his lover Small Sarg equate their sexuality to revolution.
Under the terms of the cooperative agreement, SARG will offer turnkey architectural consultancy, engineering and project management services to Tasweek's clients and partners.
She has incorporated a book about Muppet creator Jim Henson, in vogue recently with the release of the new "The Muppets" film, and a book by puppeteer and children's illustrator Tony Sarg, designer of the first helium-filled balloons for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving parade in New York City.
The SARG denied that Bakour had resigned in late August, saying he was kidnapped by an armed group and forced to give a taped statement condemning the regime.
Underlying this tense exchange was frustration within the security services that the SARG was all but ignoring the assassination of Suleiman.
SARG (Syrian Arab Republic Government) security services are well aware that the coastal city of Tartous would offer easier access to Israeli operatives than would more inland locations such as Damascus," the Guardian quoted the cable, as saying
When SARG was created, a school for new instructors started and doctrine (based on lessons learned in combat) was written.
In an effort to combat this problem the SARG is now issuing identification badges to all pharmacists and requiring they be worn when working in a pharmacy.
Francis Charles Sarg (whom we presume collected the holotype) was born in Guatemala; in the 1880s he lived in Coban and around 1902 he owned a farm called "El Chicabal" in Quetzaltenango.