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SKSouth Korea
SKSlovak Republic
SKSerial Killer
SKStephen King (author)
SKSkopje (Macedonia capital)
SKSidekick (gaming)
SKSide Kick (martial arts)
SKStockport (postcode, United Kingdom)
SKSlipknot (band)
SKShaman King (Japanese cartoon)
SKSouth Kitsap
SKSacramento Kings
SKStacy Keibler (WWE Diva)
SKSpecial K (cereal)
SKSalman Khan (Indian actor)
SKSoup Kitchen
SKStanley Kubrick (film director)
SKStorekeeper (US Navy and Coast Guard rating)
SKSleater Kinney (band)
SKSecret Key
SKScandinavian Airlines System
SKSiesta Key (Florida)
SKSurat Keputusan (Indonesian: decree)
SKSøren Kierkegaard (philosopher)
SKSpy Kids (movie)
SKSangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council of the Philippines)
SKSilent Key (deceased amateur radio operator)
SKShadow Knight (Everquest)
SKSilicon Knights
SKSuper-Kamiokande (Cerenkov detector in the Kamioka Mozumi mine in Japan)
SKStraight Key (instrument used to generate morse code)
SKSeborrheic Keratosis
SKSchroet Kommando (gaming clan)
SKStana Katic (actress)
SKSeto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh! character)
SKSkinfold Thickness
SKScript Kiddie
SKService Knowledge
SKSpot Kick (soccer)
SKShawn Kemp (NBA player)
SKStop Keying (TTY communication)
SKSurrogate Key (relational database design)
SkSamurai Katana
SKSealed Knot (UK re-enactment society)
SKSisak, Croatia (license plate)
SKStellar Kart (band)
SKSitekick ( game)
SKStranski-Krastanov (strain-induced island formation method)
SKSouth Kanara (India district)
SKSnap Kick
SKSouth Karana (Everquest)
SKStar Kingdoms (game)
SKStar Kingdoms (online game)
SKSanguniang Kabataan
SKSeok Kyu (petrol company, South Korea)
SKSkill Identifier
SKSerpent Kingdoms (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
SKSkull Kontrol (band)
SKSaeder-Krupp Corporation
SKSpreading sequence of user number k
SKSchildknapenwerking (Dutch)
SKSpawn Kill(ing) (gaming)
SKSuicide Krew
SKSaiid Kobeisy (Lebanese fashion designer)
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We are pleased to see these changes to forage insurance, the corn program, flooded hay land and the predation rate compensation formula, Saskatchewan Cattlemens Association Chair Rick Toney said.
If Northern Ontario has such advantages, why is Saskatchewan the darling of the financial press?
Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, is home to the University of Regina which houses the Process Systems Engineering Department which creates additional opportunities for faculty and staff to serve the needs of industry and society.
As one of Canada's most dynamic provinces, Saskatchewan now does more trade with India than any other Canadian province with major exports including potash and pulse crops.
The Saskatchewan boys' roster this season included four players who were also gold medallists at the 2009 NAHC.
Note: A longer version of the Saskatchewan Notebook and a photo gallery can be found at www.
Second, Kerr demonstrates that library history in Saskatchewan is really about personal stories; the personal observations and accomplishments of individual trustees, librarians, and patrons are highlighted throughout the text and are at the very heart of the larger story.
But the Saskatchewan money saving scheme might be in danger, because the largest generic drug manufacturers do not bid on Saskatchewan contracts because offering lower process to one province would prevent them from doing business in other jurisdictions, said Ken Wilson acting director of Saskatchewan's drug plan.
A committee including representatives from Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation, Saskatchewan Environment, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Automobile Association, and others will evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot project.
The enormous amount of historical information, emphasizing human activity along the North Saskatchewan River, inspired another Watershed Alliance project: a river background study.
He was elected President of CUPE Saskatchewan in 1992.
Saskatchewan has taken a bottom-up approach to the EHR system, beginning with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) in hospitals that share common standards.
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