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SSPDSuperconducting Single-Photon Detector
SSPDSociety for Stimulus Properties of Drugs (UK)
SSPDSasol Slurry Phase Distillate (fuel)
SSPDScandinavian School of Piping and Drumming (bagpipe and drum band)
SSPDSingle-Shot Probability of Damage
SSPDSite Specific Performance Demonstration
SSPDSecurity System Project Description
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The Escravos facility will use a leading application of GTL technology; Sasol's state of the art Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate (SPD)(TM) process which consists of Haldor Topsoe's proprietary Autothermal reforming, Sasol's proprietary Fischer-Tropsch technology and ChevronTexaco's proprietary ISOCRACKING(TM) process.
In addition, QP and Sasol Chevron have agreed to pursue the opportunity to develop a 130,000 bbl/day upstream/downstream integrated GTL project based on the Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate Process and utilising resources from the North Field.
The Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate process will convert the natural gas to synthesis gas, which in turn will be converted into waxy synthetic crude before being upgraded to premium fuels and products through hydroprocessing technology.
The Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate Process, developed and operated by Sasol in South Africa on a commercial scale since the early 1990's to convert natural gas to high-quality, environmentally friendly GTL diesel, GTL naphtha and LPG, will be used on the project.
Sasol Technology developed and commercialised the unique Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate (SPD) process during the 1980s and 1990s as part of its advanced Fischer-Tropsch technology research and development program established in the 1960s.