SatAMSaturday Morning (Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon)
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He also argues in BhS [section] 181 that the cause of sadhu-sanga is none other than the action of the free and independent will of the devotees (sat-sanga-hetus ca satam svaira-caritaiva nanyah).
A statement by the Information Office of the Minister of Transport said that "al-Zubaidi discussed during his meeting with the Syrian ambassador in Iraq Satam Jad'aan Al-Dandah the bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them to serve the common interests.
On his part, Satam Awad expressed earnest thanks and gratitude to the King, leadership and people, for its support to the Syrian refugees, which, he said, testifies to strong fraternal bonds linking it to other Arab and Islamic nations, asserting that Bahrain has always been at the forefront of countries that offer relief aid to those who need it across the world.
Amit Satam, President of BJP youth wing, Mumbai, said they had sent a letter to Varma to give a press statement that he would not cast Susairaj, but Varma did not accept their letter.
Karande S, Satam N, Kulkarni M, Bharadwaj R, Pol S.
The first genuine attempt to break the deadlock was made after the first 15 minutes when an over head kick by Fahed Satam from inside the box hit the crossbar.
The first live episode witnessed a thrilling competition between poets: Ebraheam Al Belawi from Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al Dhabaei from UAE, Thani Al Dhahmashi from Saudi Arabia, Hameid Al Muradi from Yemen, Roba Al Douekat from Jordan, Satam Bin Batla from Saudi Arabia, Abdula Al Mutari from Kuwait and Ali Al Muri from Qatar.
Countum, the French-based holding company of the Satam company, completed its purchase of Meci Co.
Chelbi also conferred with Prince Satam Ibn Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Riyadh region.
Karande S, Satam N, Kulkarni M, Sholapurwala R, Chitre A, Shah N.
8) MN 73 at MN I 490,24: "Vaccha, not merely one hundred, not two hundred, not three hundred, not four hundred, not five hundred, but far more nuns who are my disciples dwell by having realized here and now through their own direct knowledge the influx-free deliverance of the mind and deliverance by wisdom, being established in it through the destruction of the influxes," na kho, Vaccha, ekam yeva satam na dve satani na tini satani na cattari satani na panca satani, atha kho bhiyyo va ya bhikkhuniyo mama savika asavanam khaya aniasavam cetovimuttim pannavimuttim dittheva dhamme sayam abhinna sacchikatva upasampajja viharanti.
8) The five hijackers who either exceeded their B visa periods of authorized stay or committed other identifiable civil violations of the INA were Nawaf al Hazmi, Mohammed Atta, Hani Hanjour, Ziad Jarrah, and Satam al Suqami.