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SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment (hard disk interface)
SATASociedade Açoriana de Transportes Aéreos (Azores airlines)
SATASharjah Airport Travel Agency (UAE)
SATAStudent Air Travel Association
SATASneak Attack Trick Attack (gaming, Final Fantasy)
SATASociety for Advanced Telecommunications in Anesthesia
SATASociety for the Attainment of Total Abstinence
SATASite Assessment Technical Assistance (EPA)
SATASatellite Automatic Tracking Antenna
SATASociedade Açoriana de Transportes Aéreos SA (Acores, Portugul)
SATAStudent Athletic Trainers Association (various universities)
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Specifically, SATA infrastructure (including its PMs) presents the following challenges:
Seagate has developed the only native SATA technology capable of supporting implementation of advanced SATA functions like NCQ that will be crucial to high-end workstations and new entry-server applications," said John Donovan, Vice President of leading market research firm TrendFOCUS.
SATA technology has gained tremendous ground since its introduction in 2001.
MAID provides traditional levels of RAID data protection capability, important for SATA drives, to enable higher availability similar to current disk arrays.
The benefits of SATA NCQ are described in joint technology paper by Intel and Seagate titled "Serial ATA Native Command Queuing: An Exciting New Performance Feature for Serial ATA," available here: http://specials.
This union provides a solid growth path to innovate new capability, while preserving the ability to plug legacy SATA drives into new SATA Express based computers.
The DesignWare SATA Digital Controllers support the new features documented in the SATA Revision 3.
The SATA interface transition to 6Gb/s is critical to meet the demands of ever-higher performance desktop computers, workstations and servers," said Mark Geenen, Founder and President of Trend Focus.
Up to eight hot-swappable SAS or SATA hard drives fit into the Z Pro workstations for up to 2 TB of storage.
SAS and SATA, with their increased connectivity permit use of volumes that are larger than with parallel SCSI, and potentially have higher random throughput performance.
The X-SPAND PRO desktop towers include two or four next-generation SATA II removable drives as well as supporting SATA II cabling that can be striped as RAID-0 to serve DV, DVCAM, SD, and SD/RT.
SATA-IO members have worked together to create the SATA Express specification to bring the scalability of PCIe to client storage," said Mladen Luksic, SATA-IO president.