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SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment (hard disk interface)
SATASociedade Açoriana de Transportes Aéreos (Azores airlines)
SATASharjah Airport Travel Agency (UAE)
SATAStudent Air Travel Association
SATASneak Attack Trick Attack (gaming, Final Fantasy)
SATASociety for Advanced Telecommunications in Anesthesia
SATASociety for the Attainment of Total Abstinence
SATASite Assessment Technical Assistance (EPA)
SATASatellite Automatic Tracking Antenna
SATASociedade Açoriana de Transportes Aéreos SA (Acores, Portugul)
SATAStudent Athletic Trainers Association (various universities)
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SATA Universal Storage Module (USM[TM]) : An integrated SATA interface for providing portable, volume storage I/O to consumer electronics devices, as well as PC applications.
Since its introduction in 2001, SATA technology has evolved to enable storage options for a number of applications beyond traditional hard disk PC storage.
The small size and greater flexibility of SATA cables deliver several benefits.
Users can easily plug a Maxtor SATA drive directly into a VT8237-enabled motherboard for single, SATA hard drive performance, or install two drives for a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration for a significant performance improvement or added data protection.
mSATA - SATA for mobile computing devices, now with enhanced auto detection to provide increased interoperability by eliminating the need for a dedicated mSATA connector
Can the application itself be offloaded to SATA RAID?
SATA was created to introducing technical enhancements over older technologies in the areas of hot plug capability, signal integrity, reduced pin count, reduced power requirements and improved cable and connector plants for smaller form factor drives.
When developers are working on cutting-edge designs, having advance access to measurements helps them address potential issues early in the design cycle and get products to market faster," said Min-Jie Chong, program manager for SATA applications at Agilent.
When a port multiplier is added to a single SATA port, a single host port can access up to 15 drives.
SATA-IO testing will be available to members of the UNH-IOL SATA consortium for both certification and to those looking to submit to the SATA-IO integrators list.
But there is another, less immediately obvious benefit to SAS/SATA compatibility: it boosts SATA scalability far beyond the limits imposed by SATA-based infrastructures.
8" micro SATA hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) to be used like a removable drive cartridge, and an adapter that enables a standard CF media to be used as an 1.