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SATANSecurity Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
SATANSecurity Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks
SATANSystem Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (software)
SATANSatellite Automatic Tracking Antenna
SATANSignal Applications to Audio Networks (software)
SATANSensor for Airborne Terrain Analysis
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Eleazar told reporters that when he interviewed the suspect earlier, Estrera made no mention of Satan.
Given this understanding of genre, a reader of Christ and Satan would not have to read the plaints of Satan in relation to a formal category of "elegy" in order to read them against similar imagery and structure in other poems, considering the emotional movements of these poems and reading those expectations back onto Christ and Satan.
In the foreground, Jacob is at a free Crisis Psych Clinic, where he hopes to get himself committed for a few days, or at least acquire some pills that will suppress Satan.
If God is too often the tool of oppression, then Satan is a symbol of liberty.
In this way, the clash of Christian immorality and Classical heroism in the character of Satan begins to reveal itself, as the reader is struck by Satan's favourable resemblance to Achilles, but is simultaneously aware of his inexcusable heresy against the hierarchy of Heaven.
The first was the old idea of "the pact," expressed first in a story of the biblical Theophilus, who became disgruntled with events and sold his soul to Satan (but later renounced the pact and swore fealty to the Virgin), which became a political accusation through subsequent centuries.
Satan is with us to misguide our anger towards reckless and dangerous direction.
Downey told The Blaze that she was disappointed, saddened and surprised when Satan stole the spotlight from Jesus in 'The Bible' with the comparisons between Satan and Obama.
Dante's 14th century epic poem, The Divine Comedy, represented Satan as a giant, slobbering, three-faced demon with bat wings.
The first category--films that feature Satan as a character--has been discussed by Kelly Wyman.
Rather, the poem's "redemptive gestures reside in its construction of a fallen poetics," the model for which is initially located in Satan (16).