SBERStruever Bros. Eccles & Rouse (Baltimore, MD)
SBERState Board of Education Rules
SBERSocial, Behavioral, and Educational Research
SBERBit-Bit Error Rate
SBERSerial Bit Error Rate
SBERSub-Bit Error Rate
SBERSelf-Balancing Electronics Recorder
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believe that we have a responsibility to redevelop our communities and to create projects in urban areas that address housing and retail needs of these communities in Baltimore and around the country," said SBER President and CEO Bill Struever.
SBER has a long-standing and prestigious record of success as an unequalled urban development and construction company.
Across from Village Commons, SBER is also constructing Charles Commons for Johns Hopkins University, which will include a 620-bed dormitory for Johns Hopkins students, a university dining hall and a 25,000 sq.
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We Continue to Prefer Sberbank), this idea has performed well with our along SBER, short VTB' position up 12% (see Figure 1 on the next page).
For the purposes of the above Figures we used the returns of SBER RX, VTBR RX (it allows for currency consistency while generally remaining very close to the VTBR LI price if the latter is recalculated into roubles at the daily exchange rate) and the MICEX Index.
On the other hand biggest Eurobond issuers, Gazprom (GAZP RX, OGZD LI), Sberbank (SBER RX, SBERP RX, SBER LI), VTB (VTBR RX, VTBR LI) and Transneft (TNRFP RX), won't be affected much as they already have SPVs in the countries having DTAA with Russia (Netherland, Luxemburg, Ireland).
With the launch of the SBER ADR programme, a large class of investors will have a new means of exposure to Russian Financials.
Sberbank (SBER RX, SBER LI) is due to publish 2011 RAS results on Wednesday.