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SSSSelective Service System (US government)
SSSSide Side Side (geometry)
SSSStudent Support Services
SSSSunshine State Standards (Florida)
SSSSocial Security System (Philippines)
SSSShadow Security Scanner
SSSSmall Sample Size (biometrics)
SSSSocket Set Screw (fastener)
SSSStainless Steel Sink
SSSStabilization, Safety and Security of Distributed Systems (symposium)
SSSSame-Store Sales
SSSSathya Sai Speaks (book series)
SSSSkin So Soft (Avon)
SSSSikça Sorulan Sorular (Turkish: Frequently Asked Questions)
SSSSistema de Seducción Subliminal (Spanish: Subliminal Seduction System)
SSSSchool and Student Service (financial aid)
SSSSystem Support Specialist
SSSScuole Specializzate Superiori (Swiss school)
SSSSuzuki Swift Sport (automotive)
SSSSubsurface Scattering
SSSSenior Secondary School
SSSSuper Special Series
SSSSoftware Support Service
SSSSubscriber Service Switch
SSSSprint System Selection
SSSStorage Serviceability Standards
SSSSelf Sustaining System
SSSSwift Servo System
SSSShared Support Service
SSSService Session Socket
SSSSun Streaming Server
SSSSelective Service System
SSSSurround Sound Speakers
SSSSubsystem Specification
SSSServer Side Script
SSSSymantec Security Services
SSSSport Sequential Shiftmatic
SSSSelf Synchronizing Sober
SSSSwitching Subsystem
SSSShared System Suite
SSSServer Side Software
SSSSick Sinus Syndrome
SSSSound Suppression System (various organizations)
SSSSchool of Social Sciences
SSSSociété Suisse de Spéléologie (French: Swiss Society of Speleology; Swiztzerland)
SSSSea Surface Salinity
SSSShort Sea Shipping
SSSSigue Sigue Sputnik
SSSStop Smoking Service (National Health Service; UK)
SSSSetting the Stage for Success
SSSSide Scan Sonar
SSSSurround Sound System
SSSSpecial Snowflake Syndrome
SSSScalded Skin Syndrome
SSSSuper Secret Spy
SSSState Security Services (Nigeria)
SSSSecond Semester Senior
SSSSecurities Settlement System
SSSSea Scout Ship
SSSSakal Sakali Saklolo (Filipino: Choked, Maybe, Help Me!; movie)
SSSSimplified Spelling Society
SSSScotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (visual perceptual disorder; aka Meares-Irlen syndrome)
SSSSpace Shuttle System (US NASA)
SSSScandinavian Stroke Scale (medicine)
SSSSalary Saving Scheme (insurance; India)
SSSSystem Support Staff (various locations)
SSSSpecial Security Service (various locations)
SSSSyndromic Surveillance System (public health)
SSSStrategic Systems Solutions
SSSSingle-Source Selection
SSSSuperior Sagittal Sinus
SSSServer-Side Scripting
SSSSelf Supporting Structure
SSSSuper Steady Shot (Sony camcorder function)
SSSSolid State Scientific, Inc.
SSSSouthern Sociological Society
SSSSpread Spectrum Scene
SSSStatutory Social Security (schemes)
SSSSecure Software System
SSSSpeed Selector Switch (product feature)
SSSCongregation of the Blessed Sacrament (religious order)
SSSSchool Safety Survey (various organizations)
SSSSystem Safety Society
SSSStudent Self Service
SSSSystem/Subsystem Specification
SSSSimple Stepping Stones
SSSSalvo Siempre Salvo
SSSSphincter-Sparing Surgery
SSSSymptom Severity Score
SSSSigma Star Saga (gaming)
SSSSlope Soaring Simulator
SSSSuper Sharp Shooter (Ganja Kru song)
SSSSuper Soul Sister
SSSSmart, Successful Scotland
SSSSouvenir Stamp Sheet (Australia)
SSSSystem Segment Specification
SSSStandard Supply Service
SSSSybase SQL Server
SSSSitka Sound Seafoods (Sitka, AK)
SSSSoccer Specific Stadium
SSSStaff Summary Sheet (US DoD)
SSSShevchenko Scientific Society (Ukraine)
SSSSystem Support Services
SSSShoot, Shovel and Shut Up
SSSSafety-critical Systems Symposium
SSSSwiss Speleological Society
SSSSinusoidal Steady-State
SSSSenior Service School
SSSSinglehanded Sailing Society
SSSSaffir-Simpson Scale (hurricane classification)
SSSSeamless Staffing Solutions (India)
SSSSarva Shramik Sangh (Indian workers' union)
SSSStation Set Specification (US NASA)
SSSSuper Sport Sedan (Datsun car model suffix)
SSSSensible Security Solutions (Canada)
SSSSociety for Slovene Studies
SSSSuspended Substrate Stripline
SSSSelf-Service Store
SSSSmall Structure Survey
SSSStorage Security and Survivability
SSSSmall Shelter System
SSSSoftware Support Specialist
SSSStrike Support Ship
SSSSession State Services (software)
SSSSingle Shelter Switch
SSSStandard Service Supply
SSSSea, Sex, and Sun
SSSSorry So Sloppy
SSSSecond Skin Satin (Victoria's Secret)
SSSSorry So Short
SSSSu Seguro Servidor (Spanish letter-writing protocol)
SSSSignature Security Service
SSSSleep Serapis Sleep (band)
SSSSpecific Soluble Substance
SSSSubscriber Service System (Shasta Networks)
SSSState School Superintendent
SSSScout Sniper School
SSSSafety and Security Service (United Nations)
SSSSuncoast Seabird Sanctuary (Florida)
SSSShared Sourcing Services
SSSStudents Supporting Students
SSSSociété Suisse de Surveillance Économique
SSSSuper Secret Squirrel
SSSSelf Service Support
SSSSource Selection Sensitive
SSSSafety Shutdown System
SSSSteady State Stability (power generation)
SSSSea Surface Search
SSSSatellite Servicer System
SSSSatellite Surveillance System
SSSSafe Shutdown System
SSSShingles Support Society (London, England, UK)
SSSSentrale Senuweestelsel
SSSSocial Services Syndrome
SSSStrategic Deterrent Forces (Russia)
SSSSoviet Secret Service
SSSSymbolic Shorthand System (for Physiology and Medicine)
SSSSpecial Security Squadron
SSSSupplementary Safety System
SSSSecondary Sampling System
SSSStrafe Scoring System
SSSStart Stop Sequencing
SSSSupport Service Subcontractor
SSSStudents for Science and Skepticism (University of California, Irvine)
SSSShip to Shore to Ship
SSSSpecial Safeguards Study
SSSShipbuilder Special Study
SSSSentinel Secondary School
SSSSingle Coil-Single Coil-Single Coil (electric guitars, pickup configuration)
SSSSpeed Scientific School (University of Louisville; Kentucky)
SSSSurvivable Storage System
SSSS. Siedle und Söhne, Stiftung & Co (German home security manufacturer)
SSSSouthern Satellite Systems
SSSSensitized Stainless Steel
SSSSpin Sun Sensor
SSSSource Selection Survey
SSSStrategic Storage Site
SSSSecurity Support Squadron
SSSSite Supervisor Scanner
SSSSuper, Scintillating and Sarcastic (sports)
SSSShield and Seismic Support
SSSStandard Software/Supply System
SSSSmart Sonic Sound (Kyocera)
SSSSite Safety Services (UK)
SSSSapper Squad Set
SSSScience, Society and Solutions (US Geological Survey)
SSSSteel Stringer-Timber Deck (engineering)
SSSScandinavian Sanitary Systems (now International Sanitary System)
SSSShaw Savill Society
SSSSpace-to-Space Subsystem
SSSSolutions Sales Specialist
SSSShort Secret Sharing (algorithm)
SSSStorage Serviceability Standard
SSSSeismically Qualified Shutdown System
SSSSilkwood Steiner School (Gold Coast, Australia)
SSSStrategic Sealift Ships
SSSSpringbrook State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
SSSSONET Surveillance System (Sprint)
SSSStellent Site Studio (Web content management application)
SSSSingle Support Strategy
SSSSudler Silver Scroll
SSSStone Soup Symphony (Hackettstown, NJ)
SSSStuff, Shower & Shave (polite form)
SSSSite Security Supervisor
SSSSuitability/Supportability Statement
SSSSoftware Subsystem Specification
SSSSymmetric Storage Systems (EMC)
SSSSeismic Sensor Subsystem
SSSSubscriber Switching System
SSSStandardized Scheduling System
SSSStellar Sensor System
SSSStation Shift Supervisor
SSSStrict Sense Stationary Source
SSSSouthport State School (Queensland, Australia)
SSSSteer Solenoid Status
SSSSecondary Shift Selector
SSSSubscriber Selection Switching
SSSSmall Ship Server
SSSSupersonic Sea Skimmer
SSSSmart Sensory System
SSSSurvivable Satellite System
SSSSouthport Special School (Queensland, Australia)
SSSSelf-Shrinking Sequence
SSSSouth Side Stockton (Stockton, CA; criminal street gang)
SSSSiedle Security Systems
SSSSentinel Site Survey
SSSSoulshot S Grade (Lineage 2 Game)
SSSSinclair Secondary School (Whitby, ON, Canada)
SSSSilverado Super Sport (Chevrolet)
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Epidemiology of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome in Germany.
Molecular epidemiology of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome in premature infants.
A) Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (Ritter`s disease) Commonly seen in infants and children, this condition is caused by Staphylococcus aureus phage type 71 due to liberation of exotoxin.
It wasn't until the next day that blood tests confirmed she was suffering from scalded skin syndrome.
Little is known about the effective role played by the patient's immune response during SSSS and the occurrence of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome in adults is limited to few reports on literature.
5) Baseline data 1995-96 Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Admission rate 1.
The initial differential diagnosis included staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, a drug reaction, and vasculitis.
The discovery of a rare case of scalded skin syndrome brings to light a horrifying catalogue of deaths from misuse of antibiotics.
MINNEAPOLIS -- A large single-site case review found that most pediatric patients with staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSSS) had a classic presentation, often preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection.
Ricardo Tan for a second opinion regarding his daughter's staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome.
They said he had something called SSS; Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome, which was highly infectious and dangerous.
Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSSS), also known as Ritter's disease and pemphigus neonatorum, is a blistering skin disease seen most commonly in neonates and young children, but it can be seen in older children and rarely in adults (1).