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SXBStrasbourg, France - Entzheim (Airport Code)
SXBScenix (PIC clone; basic language source file)
SXBSuper Extended Bus (computing)
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The kit, which has a 10-baseT Ethernet physical interface, allows OEMs to quickly and easily evaluate and become familiar with using the Scenix TCP/IP protocol stack.
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Scenix provides communications software and controllers for embedded applications, with a market emphasis on embedding the Internet in everyday things.
As with previous Scenix modem reference designs, the new V.
The hardware platform for the SX-Stack is the high-performance Scenix SX Series microcontroller (MCU), which can provide up to 100 MIPS (million instructions per second) performance and is priced in the $5.
Additionally, Red Hat recently announced Engineering Services activity including Ericsson, Hitachi, iObjects, NetSilicon, Samsung, and Scenix.
At the Embedded Internet Conference here today, Scenix, a leading provider of solutions for embedding the Internet, announced that its SX Series communications controller has been designed into the V-8000-IP voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) system family recently introduced by Valcom, Inc.
The Ethernet Evaluation Kit gives designers hands-on experience with an Ethernet-specific version of the iSX Web Server configuration of the Scenix SX-Stack, which is a combination of standard Internet protocols implemented as Virtual Peripheral modules (software implementations of peripheral and other functions).
The two companies are working to incorporate the Scenix embedded Internet solution, which provides Web server, e-mail and physical interface capabilities in a single chip, into both existing appliances and future designs.
Kanda Systems Ltd, Wales, UK, today announced the launch of the SX-Forum, a Web site dedicated to design and development tips and techniques for using Scenix software and hardware products.
He has a proven track record of delivering processors that have set industry milestones," said Bulent Celebi, Scenix president and CEO.
This third-round financing will allow Scenix to expand its design and research-and-development capabilities, add significantly to its operations and manufacturing infrastructure, increase its sales and marketing resources, and explore potential strategic acquisitions.
Robin brings us an extensive background in all aspects of human resources and operations management, and will play a key role in ensuring that we hire and retain the top-level talent that we'll need to continue our growth ramp," said Bulent Celebi, Scenix president and CEO.