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SNKShingeki No Kyojin (Japanese manga)
SNKScience News for Kids (website)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku (Japanese: New Japan Product; video game manufacturer)
SNKStrong Name Key (.Net file extension)
SNKStudent-Neuman-Keuls (behavioral neuroscience test)
SNKSoviet Narodnykh Kommissarov (Russian: Council of People's Commissars)
SNKShin Nippon Koki Co. Ltd. (Japan)
SNKShin Nippon Kucho (Japan)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku Corporation (Japan)
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Science News for Kids will be renamed Science News for Students to better reflect our increasing focus on providing resources aimed at classroom curricula; and will anchor a new effort, "Student Science," to inspire young scientists to excel in independent research including through our storied competitions.
John Roberts/Tara McHugh's USDA/ARS, Western Regional Research Center, Albany, CA, vitamin D2 post harvest UVB treatment research was mentioned in Science News for Kids, Dec.
Science News for Kids and members and friends of Society for Science & the Public.
Also for this important age group, SSP is finalizing a redesign of its online publication, Science News for Kids, with the support of the Lasker Foundation and others.
His family has established the Willis Harlow Shapley Education Fund at Science Service to support science-education programs, including the weekly online publication Science News for Kids.
Science Service, a nonprofit organization, works to advance the understanding of science through Science News, the Web site Science News for Kids, and three national student competitions.
Emily Sohn writes for Science News for Kids and covers health and science for a variety if other publications.
We can also peek into the minds of the next generation of our readers by seeing which stories on the Science News for Kids site receive the most visits.
This year saw the launch of Science News for Kids (www.
There will be no charge for use of Science News for Kids (www.
Sohn, "Sugar power for cell phones," Science News for Kids, April 25, 2007.
Wacky bat naps," Science News for Kids, February 7.
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