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SCIENTScientology (Church)
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In 1983 Scient was federal chartered to include spouses and immediate family members of Pfizer employees so they could also take advantage of credit union membership.
Tony Willis, director of Scient and project manager for the DCALL scheme, said: 'To get all 97 centres networked and running before the end of the year is highly ambitious, but thanks to the support of the hard working Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council staff and the sheer enthusiasm of the local community, we are determined that the target will be achieved.
As an institution that has built its reputation by providing customized financial services for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 40 years, our dedication is, and has always been, to serve the needs of our members," said Bruce Fafard of Scient Federal Credit Union.
Adding to an already highly-personalized experience, ORCC's Architect and bill payment services will ensure that Scient continues to provide exceptional service.
We have experienced strong nationwide growth in the last few years due to the constant loyalty and support of our members," said Scient FCU's president/CEO, Bruce Fafard.
To celebrate the credit union's new name and identity, Scient FCU is held an open house at its Groton headquarter last week.
In addition to helping launch and manage Scient Capital, the corporate venture arm of Scient, Miller was also in charge of business development and investor relations.
com, iCube, Lexmark, Sapient, Scient, SeaChange and TeleTech.
McComas has been a part of the senior leadership team at Scient, as General Manager of Business Development responsible for overseeing all industry business units and delivery units for the company, including sales and marketing.
Hawkins has more than 20 years of experience at high technology companies including Scient and IBM.
Companies participating in the Intel(R) Solution Blueprint program are leaders in the retail industry, including solution consultants Digitas, Scient and KPMG; hardware providers Wincor, NCR, Compaq and IBM; and software providers Computer Associates, Microsoft, i2 and SAS.
Previous sponsors of the Sloan eBAs include Fleet, Scient, Dell, GM, Visteon, Nokia, Microsoft, British Telecom, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Merrill Lynch.
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