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ScythScythian (linguistics)
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The Scythians held sway over the vast steppe lands that stretch from the north of the Black Sea as far as the plains of Mongolia from around 900 BC until after the time of Alexander the Great--700 years later.
We don't need to talk about how a Scythian feels about his Scythian-ness.
Scythian Gold: Treasures from Ancient Ukraine, exh.
Along with the remains of Philip II, the tomb also contained the bones of a woman warrior, possibly the daughter of the Scythian King Athea, Theodore Antikas, head of the Art-Anthropological research team of the Vergina excavation, told Discovery News.
Among the most stunning objects in the exhibition are a solid gold Scythian helmet from the 4th century B.
The cash came from Scythian Ltd, of which Mr Shetler-Jones is a director.
And by this time Prokofiev already had some impressive scores under his belt, including the opera The Gambler and the ballet Ala and Lolli for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, from which came the punchy Scythian Suite.
Unfortunately, their efforts to save Medusa have to be postponed for a while after they become unwittingly embroiled in the brutal blood sport of the Scythian tribe.
The Amber Mosaics and Scythian Gold Exhibition was on display at the Cer Modern museum in Ankara from Sept.
He is searching for a place that "is calling him from the ground", but he is followed and tortured by his nemesis, Dahig, a member of the warrior Scythian tribe.