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SDDSSpecial Data Dissemination Standard
SDDSSony Dynamic Digital Sound
SDDSSelf Describing Data Sets
SDDSSchool District Demographics System (National Center for Education Statistics)
SDDSScalable Distributed Data Structure (computing)
SDDSSecure Document Delivery System (various locations)
SDDSSleep Disorders Dental Society
SDDSStrategic Defense Development System
SDDSScrambled Digital Data Stream
SDDSSoftware Detailed Design Specification
SDDSSensor Data Distribution Switchboard
SDDSSan Diego Diver's Supply (San Diego, CA)
SDDSSan Diego Do Something
SDDSSan Diego Dialog Society
SDDSSwitched Digital Data Service
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However SDDS and Dolby Digital critics say that encoding soundtrack on film subjects it to the same wear and tear that the images themselves experience through repeated play.
As a leader in multiplatform software deployment, Zero G is proud to be a principal contributor to the SDD specification," said Eric N.
The SDDS Plus builds on the SDDS and its purpose is to assist statistically advanced countries with regard to the publication of comprehensive, timely, and reliable economic and financial data in an environment of continuing economic and financial integration.
Louis Marc Ducharme, Director of the IMFs Statistics Department, welcomed the Czech Republics adherence and noted that the dissemination of the new data sets under the SDDS Plus will be invaluable in fostering a deeper understanding and assessment of the performance of the Czech Republics financial sector, the cross-border-financial linkages, and the vulnerabilities of the economy to shocks.
The goal of adopting the IMFas SDDS Plus is in line with the priorities presented by Radev regarding the management and institutional development of Bulgariaas C-bank.
In seven eurozone countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia), less than 50% of the direct debit transactions have migrated to SDD.
Instead of aggregated performance data, SDDs are a tool for exploring the short-term dynamic behavior of passive solar houses and for understanding the cause and effect relationships of weather phenomena and the thermal response of the house.
In March 2013, BEA will meet the SDDS requirement, a year before the end of the 4-year transition period.
It may also be pointed out here that the guidelines available in IMF's External Debt Guide for Compilers and Users 2003 and SDDS Guide 2007 require to classify Inter-company Debt, Private Sector Trade Credits, Non-resident Deposits with Depository Corporations, overdrawn balances of non financial corporations and other debt liabilities as country's external debt position.
SDDS was established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to guide members that have, or that might seek, access to international capital markets in the provision of their economic and financial data to the public.
SDDS is an International Monetary Fund (IMF) standard to guide member countries in the dissemination of national statistics to the public.
When they receive their SDDs and are promoted accordingly, they suddenly decide that start time has changed from 7.