SDQSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic - Las Americas (Airport Code)
SDQSi Dios Quiere (Spanish: If God Wants)
SDQStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaires
SDQSexual Disaster Quartet (band)
SDQService Delivery & Quality
SDQSterling Divinity Quadrangle (Yale University)
SDQSales Diagnostic Questionnaire
SDQSûreté du Québec (French: Quebec Provincial Police)
SDQStandard Deviation Related to Quality
SDQShip Destination Quantity (electronic data interchange)
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Jerry's SDQ subscale scores were hyperactivity/inattention = 8 (abnormal), emotional symptoms = 1 (normal), peer problems = 6 (abnormal), conduct problems = 3 (borderline), and prosocial behavior = 3 (abnormal).
In all, 31 children and young people did not complete a post SDQ and 52 children and young people did not complete a pre or post questionnaire, within the time frame.
In an analysis of variance test, teachers' assessments of total SDQ scores depended on children's socioeconomic status (P < .
For each exposure-outcome pair, we developed quasi-Poisson mixed-effects models, with school as random effect, SDQ or ADHD scores as outcomes, and green space playing time, residential surrounding greenness, or proximity to a major green space (one at a time) as fixed-effect predictors.
Two-way analysis of variance was used to evaluate the effects of the type of the disease (FMS/RA) and the presence of a trauma history on TAS, SDQ, and CTQ scores.
The relationship between parent reports of problem behaviors (measured by the SDQ parent), child reports of problem behaviors (measured by the SDQ), and teacher reports of problem behaviors (measured by the DFT) were investigated using the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient.
An evaluation of the pilot B4 School Check programme trialled in Counties Manukau and Whanganui DHBs reported that, of all the tests, the SDQ had the lowest rate of referral at 1.
Ademas, el SDQ ha mostrado ser capaz de discriminar entre sujetos normales y sujetos clinicos (Goodman et al.
Parental reports of emotional and behavioural difficulties on the SDQ for school aged children with vertically acquired HIV infection living in London.
The SDQ has been used in a range of studies both nationally (Green et al.
Mother/child pairs from non white and mixed ethnic groups were excluded due to a considerable proportion (36%-41%) of these not responding to the SDQ.
The SDQ is a brief behavioral screening questionnaire for children and adolescents.