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SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOGShots on Goal (hockey)
SoGSociety of Genealogists (UK)
SOGShades of Green (Armed Forces Recreation Center, Florida)
SOGSogenannt (German : so-called)
SOGSon of God
SOGSenior Officials Group
SogShort Gastrulation
SOGSon of A Gun
SOGSeat Of Government
SOGSlab on Grade
SOGSchool of Governance (various locations)
SOGSergeant Of the Guard
SOGSilicon on Glass
SOGStudies and Operations Group (less common)
SOGSea-Of-Gates (semiconductors)
SOGSoldiers of God (gaming clan)
SOGStructure and Organization of Government (International Political Science Association)
SOGSogndal, Norway - Haukasen (Airport Code)
SOGSign Of God
SOGService Order Gateway
SOGStudieontwijkend Gedrag (Dutch)
SOGSenior Oversight Group
SOGSchweizerische Orchideen-Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Orchid Society)
SOGSpecial Observations Group
SOGService Order Grouping
SOGSame Old Grind
SOGSurveillance and Observation Group
SOGStandard/Standing Operating Guidelines
SOGSpecial Operations Group
SOGSpeed Over Ground
SOGSpin On Glass
SOGStages of Growth
SOGSync on Green
SoGStrait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)
SOGSea of Green (cannabis harvesting)
SOGStroke of Genius
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25-micron ASIC products consist of the MG113P/114P/115P series in a sea-of-gates (SOG) architecture and the MG73P/74P/75P series in an all-masks embedded array architecture, the latter utilizing Artisan Component's 300MHz RAM compiler.
This impetus will drive the industry away from standard, fixed instruction set processors and traditional sea-of-gates ASIC approaches.
The XH3 architecture consists of an area-efficient, high performance sea-of-gates core, the Xilinx specific I/O ring, JTAG support, and logic to emulate the FPGA configuration modes built into the base silicon.
35 micron series in sea-of-gates structure (MSM32Q/33Q) as well as all-masks embedded array structure (MSM98Q/99Q).
Blair, President and CEO, "CrossFire sea-of-gates architecture is the foundation of Crosspoint Solutions' next product family which will enable customers to punch through the 50K gate design wall.
GLX utilizes a sea-of-gates architecture and can be powered from either a single or dual power supply, depending on I/O requirements and the system environment.
NASDAQ:XLNX) today unveiled the XC8100 family, a new family of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) based on the company's innovative MicroVia(TM) antifuse technology and proprietary sea-of-gates (SOG) architecture.
In addition, macrocells from Oki's Sea-of-Gates (SOG) library can be added as well as SOG logic.
The three new members of the FX family have a sea-of-gates architecture and a utilization factor of 70 percent.
After more than one year of cooperation between COMPASS and MATRA MHS engineers, COMPASS Design Automation's ChipPlanner, an interactive timing-driven gate array and cell-based floorplanning tool, is now being integrated into the MATRA MHS sea-of-gates design flow.