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SEAWIFSSea-viewing Wide Field of View Sensor
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Bridging between SeaWiFS and MODIS for continuity of chlorophyll-a concentration assessments off Southeastern China.
SeaWIFS images have the advantage of high spatial resolution of about 1 km.
Gulf of Mexico surface chlorophyll-a concentration from SeaWiFS, a brief description.
Our previous studies implied that remotely sensed chlorophyll-a (from the SeaWIFS scanner) is statistically correlated with the chlorophyll-a from the coastal time series of the Muscat region (Piontkovski et al.
NOAA/NESDIS and NIST also collaborated to provide SI-traceable radiance and irradiance calibrations for the MOBY program developed by NOAA and NASA for obtaining ground "truth" for vicarious calibration of ocean color satellite sensors, SeaWiFS and MODIS.
Seawifs observation of chlorophyll distribution in regional seas.
s] del Standard Mapped Image (SMI), producto de nivel 3 (L3), en formato HDF a resolucion en coordenadas geograficas de 1/12[grados], y habilitados con MATLAB, y descargados en febrero del 2010, de la base del SeaWiFS Project (http://oceancolor.
They also have the highest global levels of primary production and productivity, as estimated from SeaWiFS satellite data (Behrenfeld and Falkowski, 1997), the most severe degradation of marine habitats, concentrations of coastal pollution, and increasing levels of eutrophication (GESAMP, 2001).
El uso de esta herramienta para la deteccion y su potencial uso en la prediccion de proliferaciones algales nocivas (FAN) se ha propuesto por diferentes autores, a partir de la base de datos proporcionada por el sensor de color del oceano "Sea-viewing Wide Field of view Sensor" conocido como SeaWiFS (Steidinger y Haddad 1981, Cullen et al.
The availability of remotely sensed ocean colour data from satellite sensors such as MERIS, MODIS, and SeaWiFS has opened up new perspectives in the study of the spatial and temporal variability of water quality distributions in coastal waters as well as in large inland waterbodies.