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STFHSeat-to-Floor Height (wheelchairs)
STFHSouthern Tier Field Hockey (New York)
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The height of the commode (17-19 inches) is lower than the average wheelchair plus cushion seat-to-floor height (22 inches) requiring a non-level height transfer for most people.
Dual axle positions allow quick and simple seat-to-floor height variations.
Using it, you can extend the seat forward and lower it to the ground, reportedly reducing the effective seat-to-floor height.
She is initially placed in a standard, 18"-wide wheelchair with a sling seat and back, fixed-height armrests, swing-away footrests, and a 21" seat-to-floor height.
An adjustable wheel-axle plate allows you to adjust the seat-to-floor height of the chair, as well as position of the wheels, in relation to your child's size.
The extra-wide, 25" seat rests on a durable steel frame with an adjustable seat-to-floor height of 18" to 22".
Additional features include low seat-to-floor height and custom colors to personalize the power chair.
Seat depth, seat plane angle, seat-to-floor height, back height and seat width are all custom fitted.
Other features include a front turning radius as low as 19 inches, low seat-to-floor height, three optional colors, dynamic braking with regeneration, and true free-wheeling with motor lock release.