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Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Cooler Bundles Of Primary And Secondary Heat Exchangers Of Dryers.
Many parts in traditional boilers such as diverter valves and secondary heat exchangers are not used in the Intergas product.
Some of the features that make these furnaces and boilers different from conventional units are forced draft systems, pulse combustion, secondary heat exchangers, and heat transfer modules.
The furnace has been redesigned from the ground up and features four major sub-systems, including an industry-first integrated furnace control board that allows for more intuitive diagnostics; a new Vortica II blower that quietly delivers more airflow; stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers that are more durable and corrosion resistant than aluminized steel; and a three-way poise feature (up, left or right) and dedicated downflow with multiple venting options in each poise, for installation flexibility.