SECORSmall Employer Certificate of Recognition Program (Canada)
SECORSequential Collation of Ranges
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This merger really was, and is, about creating more for our members together than we could separately," adds Secor.
Secor captures well the tortuous evolution of these complicated individuals as they have distanced themselves from the Islamic regime, often reluctantly.
Krause is tied for fourth place entering the final round behind Secor - who shot 32-34 for a 6-under 66 - and Beaverton's Gigi Stoll, who shot 67, as well as Chiara Gavazzi of Lincoln at 70.
Secor began his employment with Horizon in June 2007 and has served as the Horizon's chief investment officer, chief accounting officer and chief financial officer.
Digispace, whose target market is a multi-billion dollar marketing channel, is viewed as a huge addition to Andiamo as it will provide a unique product launch methodology, together with specific technologies that zero in on web-based social media and app tracking analytics, coupled with advertising strategies and social media solutions, Secor said.
Participants include (1 to r) David Goldston, Natural Resources Defense Council; Jake Secor, Dow AgroSciences; Cindy Baker Smith, Gowan Company; Mae Wu, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Jay Vroom, CLA.
More recently, it has become apparent that some components of these same populations may be resident in estuaries throughout their life cycle (Secor, 1999; Secor and Piccoli, 2007; Wingate and Secor, 2007).
Secor got wrapped up in studying Burmese pythons after observing their amazing digestive feats.
President and CEO Dustin Secor is pleased to inform TITL shareholders of the latest developments pertaining to the company activities and plans for 2011.
Or Cardiff-Wales (sic) in the words of fiddle, harmonica and banjo maestro Ketch Secor, who repaid the enthusiasm by having to replace a broken string after only the first song.
of Massachusetts at Amherst) and Secor (family nurse practitioner/visiting scholar, Boston College School of Nursing) present advanced clinical assessment topics in outline form for all aspects and stages of a women's life, ranging from anatomy to the reproductive cycle to being a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence.
One of those is the fiddler, Ketch Secor, who is coming to the Sage in a week's time with Old Crow Medicine Show.