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STGSTG (Sciences, Technology and Globalization) Corporation Pty LTD
STGSt. George (Amtrak station code; St. George, UT)
STGSterling (silver)
STGSonar Technician Surface (US Navy)
STGSave the Girls
STGSecurity Threat Group (corrections)
STGSaid the Girl (band)
STGSturmgewehr (German: Storm Gun)
STGSciences et Technologies de La Gestion (French: Science and Technology Management; degree)
STGShiny Toy Guns (band)
STGShooting Game (video game genre)
STGSeattle Theater Group (Washington)
STGSystems Technology Group
STGSignaling Transfer Gateway
STGSuperior Temporal Gyrus
STGSteam Turbine Generator
STGSecurity Technology Group (various organizations)
STGStar Trek Generations (movie)
STGSIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Terminal Guidance
STGShort Term Goal(s)
STGSpecial Tactics Group
STGSpace Task Group
STGScholarly Technology Group (Brown University)
STGSwear to God
STGScreaming to God (band)
STGSignal Transition Graph
STGStroytransgaz (Russian oil and gas construction company)
STGSigma Tau Gamma (fraternity)
STGStrain Gage
STGState Transition Graph
STGScottish Transport Group (UK)
STGSystem Technology Group (various organizations)
STGSoftware Technologies Group, Inc. (Chicago, IL, USA)
STGSpécialités Traditionnelles Garanties (Agricultural products and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed)
STGState Tretyakov Gallery (Russia)
STGShort Term Gain (investing/trading)
STGSlaves To Gravity (band)
STGSpecial Task Group
STGStudent Travel Grant
STGStandards Technology Group
STGSpanning Tree Group
STGStrategic Thought Group plc
STGSoft Tissue Graft
STGScience, Technology, and Globalization (degree)
STGSpecial Transitional Grant
STGSt. George School (St. George, Maine)
STGAbsent in Straggler Status (US Navy)
STGSqueteague (FAO fish species code)
STGSwitch to Ground
STGScandinavian Tobacco Group (Denmark)
STGStock Trading Game
STGSystems Task Group International Ltd.
STGSpecial Technical Group (USENIX Association)
STGStormgevär (Swedish assault rifle)
STGStormguard (gaming clan)
STGStatic Task Graph
STGSteering Task Group
STGScientific & Technical Group (EUMETSAT)
STGSpecial Topic Group
STGSky Tower Games (gaming)
STGStandard Treatment Guide
STGStructured Technology Group
STGSokil Transportation Group
STGSteel thru Girder (engineering)
STGStandard Trading Group (Tempe, AZ)
STGSend to Gang (gaming)
STGSimulation Tape Generator
STGScanning Thermogravimetry
STGStandards Task Group
STGSynthetic Terrain Generator
STG(USN Rating) Sonar Technician (Surface)
STGSpeedy Target Group (Japan)
STGSystem Time Generator
STGStudy Task Group
STGSally, That Girl (Gucci Crew song)
STGSystem Test Guide
STGSt. George by Duffer (UK retail clothing store)
STGScotch, Tank and Ginger (programming; ROCK 102 radio; North Dakota)
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The official term used was "STG," which stands for Security Threat Group, a term for gangs in prison.
Many correctional systems have a designated gang intelligence officer or security threat group who collects information about organized criminal activities within the institution.
He also managed three of the Department s Security Threat Group Management Units (STGMU), the Electronic Surveillance Operation Center (ESOC) at the Mississippi State Penitentiary, the Inmate Telephone System at twenty-four facilities, and the Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team (FAST).
A number of states and the Federal Bureau of Prisons have determined that when an identifiable collection of individuals poses a hazard to order inside their penal systems, they will label these subjects a security threat group (STG).
A state prisoner brought an action alleging that a corrections department's classification of a religion and its prisoner members as a security threat group violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).
The certified corrections supervisor/security threat group (CCS/STG) designation is for individuals at the "middle management" level who work with both staff and offenders in a correctional setting and focus on supervising and monitoring security threat groups and gangs.
Dean conducted many investigations into alleged gang members within the Orange County Jail as a member of the Security Threat Group Intelligence Unit from 2001 to 2003.
Security threat group (STG) participation in Ohio prisons, which over-whelmingly consists of street-and prison-related gang activity, is on the rise as well.
The association offers professional certification for officers, supervisors, managers, executives, nurses, and security threat group supervisors and managers.
The district court held that a prison policy that imposed penalties based on the inmate's current membership in a security threat group did not violate the ex post facto clause and that the requirement that members of the group renounce their membership did not violate the free exercise clause.
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