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52) Mark Sedra, Civil-Military Relations in Afghanistan: The Provincial Reconstruction Team Debate, Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies (CISS) Strategic Datalink #126 (Toronto: CISS, March 2005), 2, available at <www.
000 coureurs (hommes/femmes) issus des clubs affilies a la Federation royale marocaine d'athletisme, a indique a la MAP le directeur de la course, Abdelhadi Sedra.
Le chercheur marocain Hassan Sedra a remporte le deuxieme prix de la cinquieme edition du prix international Khalifa du palmier dattier, decerne par les Emirats Arabes Unis (EAU) pour recompenser les travaux de recherche en matiere d'amelioration et de developpement de la culture du palmier dattier.
For the Research and Distinguished Studies category, second place went to Dr Moulay Hassan Sedra from the National Institute for Agronomic Research in Morocco for his detailed molecular and genetic findings related to date palm cultivation and diseases.
Paul Sedra, a Middle East expert and associate professor of history at Canada's Simon Fraser University, explains that recent popes have set a high bar for the newcomer.
Whether these rankings will be revealed to the public, and which aspects will be published, are however still under discussion, said Dr Sedra Al Mansouri, acting director of health system compliance at the HAAD.
Mailman MD, Heinz JW, Papp AC, Snyder PJ, Sedra MS, Wirth B, et al.
Prize poets: Back left to right: Sam Grant, Hazel Oak School, Kyra Smith, Lyndon School, Sedra Alhomssi, Chapel Fields School, Kirsty Mears, Lode Heath School.
FRONT LINE Anti-Gaddafi rebels during fighting against in Sedra, eastern Libya, yesterday
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi Anti-Gaddafi rebels ride on a truck with a multiple rocket launcher, as flames rises from a fuel storage facility that was attacked during fighting with pro-fighters, in Sedra, eastern Libya
He not only generalizes Rashi's principles of explication (everything must support the text), but he is also very generous in the number of examples he gives, both in the chapter on Rashi and in the Appendix, where he offers dozens of comparative examples of exegetical statements on specific psukim in sedra Vayechi by Rashi and other major as well as minor exegetes.