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SEGWAYMaybe you're looking for the word 'segue' (pronounced segway)?
SEGWAY[not an acronym] Segway Personal Transporter (name derived from the word segue meaning "there follows" in Latin)
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Segway to the Riverside Hotel Package For a memorable overnight getaway, the historic Riverside Hotel, located on lively Las Olas Boulevard, offers the Heart of Fort Lauderdale Segway Tour and overnight escape for two through its Segway to the Riverside Hotel package.
A goal cannot be scored o- of any part of a player's body or Segway unless it occurs accidentally.
Visitors and locals, alike, will now have the opportunity to take a guided Segway tour of Long Beach, visiting must-see points of interest along the way.
It will bring enhanced visibility and versatility to community policing and security patrol programs," said Chip MacDonald, General Manager of Global Patrol, Government Business and Robotics, Segway.
In 2007, Sawatzky and colleagues published the results of a pilot study to determine the functional measures that best correlate with the skill levels of people with disabilities who operate a Segway Personal Transporter, and they used a qualitative analysis to explore subjects' experience with the Segway.
It was alleged he "wilfully rode a motor vehicle, namely a Segway, upon a footpath or causeway by the side of the road, made or set apart for the use or accommodation of foot passengers".
Bridgend Designer Outlet has introduced a Segway to help meet customers' needs
Security guards receive six hours of training to earn their riding wings, but the principle is basic: Step on the Segway, and off you go.
Despite talk of GM's possible bankruptcy, he said Segway will maintain its partnership with the automaker for the PUMA project.
Bob Sanders replies: The reason we chose to look at lawsuits against Segway was because it is a high-profile company based in New Hampshire.
Anyone who purchases a Segway PT in 2007 can visit www.
Segway noted that the company expanded its dealer network by 21 percent in 2005 compared with 2004.