SEHLSouth East Hockey League (US.)
SEHLSouthern Elite Hockey League
SEHLSittingbourne Enterprise Hub, Ltd. (UK)
SEHLSouth East Health Ltd. (Ashford, Kent, England, UK)
SEHLScorpio East Holdings Ltd. (Singapore)
SEHLStudents Educating Healthy Lifestyles
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La primera ilustracion como organismos, de una roya (Phragmidium mucronatum (Persoon) Sehl.
Gruber and Sehl (Gooding cites Gruber [1985]) placed objects in a 'shadow box', that is a box which projected two different shadows of the same object in different directions.
In addition, Integra Telecom employees Nickie Beckstead, Steve Cawley and Gene Sehl were named Top 15 Channel Managers for their work creating and managing successful indirect sales channels.
beaucoup moins que] Ce premier pret, d'un montant considerable, permettra a Microcred Tunisie d'atteindre son but principal, en mettant l'inclusion financiere a la portee des chefs de petites entreprises, dans des secteurs oo le micro-financement est actuellement inexistant [beaucoup plus grand que], s'est felicite Sehl Zargouni, directeur general de Microcred Tunisie.
Sehl Zargouni, Chief Executive Officer of Microcred Tunisie, commented: "This first, important loan will allow Microcred Tunisie to reach its main goal by providing financial inclusion for small business owners in areas where microfinance is currently unavailable.
Also, Michael Andrade of Gardner, the Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year Award; Catherine Piro of Fitchburg, the Katherine Sehl Award; and Kristin Mazerolle of Fitchburg, the Eleanor Voorhies Award.
The need to increase job-seeking skills of persons with disabilities has been reported as an impediment for more than three decades (Allaire, Anderson, & Meenan, 1997; Goodwin, 1972; Mannock, Levesque, & Prochaska, 2002; Pumo, Sehl, & Cogan, 1966; Roesler & Bolton, 1985).
Angi, former VP-Operations for Metzeler Automotive, who joined the company at the close of the transaction and Edward (Ted) Sehl, Wood's current VP-Finance.
beaucoup moins que]Notre objectif est d'etre l'institution de microfinance de reference, engagee economiquement et socialement, pour cela, nous nous appliquons a parfaire notre maillage dans les regions[beaucoup plus grand que] Sehl Zargouni, directeur general de Microcred Tunisie.
Sehl Zargouni, Deputy Director General of Microcred Tunisia, said "our main concern is to satisfy our customers not only through the provision of personalized loans adjusted to their needs and improving their living conditions, but also by setting up innovative ways to retain them so that they become full members of the Microcred community by sharing our values and our vision.