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SELSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories
SELSocial and Emotional Learning
SELSystème d'Echange Local (French: Local Exchange System)
SELSociété d'Exercice Libéral (French: Private Practice Company; business provision)
SELSystem Event Log (Intel)
SELSwedish Elite League (hockey)
SELSound Exposure Level
SELSoftware Engineering Laboratory
SELService d'Entraide et de Liaison (French: Mutual Aid Service Link)
SelSelian (linguistics)
SELSuzlon Energy Limited
SELSurface Emitting Laser
SELSingle-Event Latchup (of electronic circuits in space)
SELSingle Engine Land (FAA pilot rating)
SELSpace Environment Laboratory
SELSerial Experiments Lain (anime)
SELSocioeconomic Level
SELSize Exclusion Limit ( cytology)
SELSystems Engineering Laboratories
SELSystème d'Etanchéité Liquide (French: Liquid Waterproofing System)
SELSafety Engineering Laboratory (Los Gatos, CA)
SELSchool of Engineering and Logistics
SELSerbia Esperanto-Ligo (Serbian Esperanto Association)
SELSeoul, South Korea - Kimpo International (Airport Code)
SELSolid End Link (jewelry)
SELScientologie Espace Librairie (Scientology bookstore, France)
SELStandard Elektronik Lorenz AG (Stuttgart, Germany)
SELSecondary Epidermal Lamellae
SELSpace Environmental Monitor
SELSwedish Eliteserien
SELSpecial Equipment List
SELSignal Engineering Laboratories
SELSATCOM Engineering Labs
SELSafetech Environmental Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
SELSystem Effectiveness Level
SELSelected Environmental Library
SELSkin-Effect Limit (microstrip lines)
SELSupport/Selected Equipment List
SELSystème d'Evaluation de Logement (French: Housing Evaluation System; Switzerland)
SELScience Education Laboratory (various locations)
SELScience & Engineering Library (various schools)
SELSynergy Engineering Ltd. (Canada)
SELStandard Equipment List (various organizations)
SELServices en Ligne (French: Online Services; various organizations)
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By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 22 November 2017: Cairo Folklore Arts group, led by captain Nasser SElian has led a unique performance in the streets of old Cairo at Moez street earlier on Monday in celebration of Children's Day Festival 'Bokra' , presenting shows with traditional dance techniques like "Al-'Assaya al-Sa'idi" (the Farmer's Stick dance), Tanoura performance, and the "Manbouteya" (Boatman's dance).
Working in collaboration with our host partners, the Agriculture Council of Tanzania (ACT) and Tanzanian Horticulture Association (TAHA), we are proud to present Agritech Expo Tanzania at the Selian Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) in Arusha.
Report presented to the National Seed Release Committee meeting held in November 2000 at Selian Agriculture Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania.
Audrey Selian, Director, Artha Platform and the newly formed Artha Networks Inc.
The varieties used were developed by Lyamungu, Selian and Uyole Research stations.
Ramaswamy and Selian propose a two-stage framework to leverage e-governance to combat public sector corruption: in the first stage, they examine the existing range of government-constituent interactions, whereas the second stage consists of the actual implementation of e-government.
Commenting on her Turkish descent, Militello said her family's name was Selian and her grandfather, together with the rest of the family, had to run away from Istanbul during the incidents of 1915.
Por eso, lo que para el entendimiento infinito selian meras relaciones de diferenciales, en definitiva conceptuales, a nuestro conocimiento se aparecerian como objetos dados (60).
Try their Selian Blanc, Rose Mystere and Carignan 2006.
Report from the African Highlands Ecoregional Program, Selian Agricultural Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania; 1998.
The real surprise, however, was a big black Carignan, Selian 2001, from Calatrasi's Tunisian vineyards (Walkers Wines has the equally fine 2003 at pounds 9.
Yoeza is now a leader of Angaza's post-test club operated at Selian Lutheran Hospital in Arusha.