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SEMSSun, Earth, Moon System
SEMSSelf-Expandable Metallic Stent
SEMSStandardized Emergency Management System
SEMSStandard Embarkation Management System (US DoD)
SEMSSteel Enterprise Management System (Steelman)
SEMSScrew and Washer Assemblies
SEMSStudent Emergency Medical Services (various universities)
SEMSSupport Enforcement Management System (Washington State child support enforcement system)
SEMSSoftware Engineering Management System
SEMSSpace Environment Monitor System
SEMSSafety & Environmental Management System
SEMSSecurity Event Management System
SEMSSystem Engineering Master Schedule
SEMSSupport Equipment Management System
SEMSStud Elongation Measurement System
SEMSStandard machine screw with lock washer
SEMSStandard Embarkation Data System
SEMSShared Extended Memory Segment
SEMSShip/Submarine Environment & Missile Simulation (Tomahawk missile simulation used by the US Navy)
SEMSScott Emergency Management System
SEMSSpecial Education Master of Science
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It was tested whether the response to tyramine was sensitive to reference inhibitors: pargyline (MAO-selective) and semicarbazide (SSAO-selective).
EFSA panel chairman Dr Sue Barlow said: "The risk to consumers resulting from the possible presence of semicarbazide in foods, if any, is judged to be very small.
Chairwoman of the EFSA panel, Dr Sue Barlow, said: ``The risk to consumers resulting from the possible presence of semicarbazide in foods, if any, is judged to be very small.
Semicarbazide protection from in vivo oxidant injury of vascular tissue by allylamine.
Cinnamaldehyde, 1,3,5-trioxane (Fluka, Switzerland), glacial acetic acid, ethylenediamine, 1,3-propylenediamine, semicarbazide, thiosemincarbarzide (E.
Characteristics of the inhibitory action of 1, 1-dimethyl-4-(phenyl sulfonyl) semicarbazide (DPSS) on ethylene production in carnation (Dianthus ca13,oph.
The scare centres on the discovery of semicarbazide in protective seals which, in trials with animals, has been linked to cancers, liver damage and even miscarriage and birth defects.
On July 28, EFSA announced that semicarbazide (SEM) may have been found in certain foods packed in glass jars and bottles closed with metal lids sealed with plastic gaskets.
FSA chairman Sir John Krebs said: "There is considerable uncertainty about the possible risks from semicarbazide.
Purification by flash column chromatography using silica gel eluting with (CHCl3/MeOH; 9:1) afforded the title semicarbazide (47%) as a pale yellowish powder m.