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SEPICSingle-Ended Primary Inductance Converter (step-up or step-down voltage converter)
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The relation between input and output voltage of SEPIC converter is shown in equation (8).
Ninety-seven percent of my residents are refugees and crime is nearly non-existent now," says Sepic, whose community was certified as a Crime Free Property by the Phoenix Police Department.
It incorporates a high-side current sense, enabling it to be used in boost, buck, buck-boost, or SEPIC and flyback topologies.
But on the way down Joze Sepic, 56, got lost in thick fog.
Ron Sepic & Kate Kase, The National Biological Information Infrastructure as E-Government Tool, 19 GOV'T INF.
7 FM), National Public Radio's always outstanding coverage is presented while local newspeople Tom Weber, Kevin Lavery, Hillary Wicai and Matt Sepic cover the local angles.
We thank Julia Brantner, Rudy Chaparro, John Kim, Renata Lahner, Kari Maeda, Duc Nguyen, Jason Price, Minh Quach, Yesna Sepic, Phuong Tran, Lori Vu, and the UCI Bio 185 class (Winter Quarter 1994) for field assistance; Susi Remold for earlier ideas on this project; and Mats Pettersson, Sharon Strauss, and Stephen Weller for commenting on the manuscript.
The early literature on TQM in the public sector -- which has tended to be expository (Carr and Littman, 1990; Sensenbrenner, 1991), skeptical (Milakovich, 1990; Swiss, 1992), or instructional in nature (Cohen and Brand, 1993) -- has given way to accounts of implementing TQM in various agencies and the lessons learned from these experiences (Cox, 1995; Maher, 1995; McNabb and Sepic, 1995; Rago, 1996).
Chairman of the Delegation of Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (BiH PA) in Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) Senad Sepic told FENA that PACE will consider the Report on situation in BiH at next week's session and adopt a resolution on our country.
There are several topologies, including Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, SEPIC, Cuk, Fly back, etc.