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SBRSportsbook Review (website)
SBRStyrene Butadiene Rubber
SBRSequencing Batch Reactor
SBRStandard Business Reporting
SBRSweet Baby Ray's (Chicago, IL)
SBRSeat Belt Reminder (sensor)
SBRSpectral Band Replication (Coding Technologies)
SBRStorage Business Review
SBRServer Based Rendering
SBRSmall Business Reserve
SBRSpectral Bandwidth Replication
SBRSmart Brabus Race
SBRSource Browser
SBRSkill Based Routing
SBRSteel Belted Radius
SBRStatement of Budgetary Resources (US DoD)
SBRStone Brothers Racing
SBRStockholm Business Region (Sweden)
SBRSpace-Based Radar
SBRStatistical Business Register
SBRSmall Business and Revenue (Canada)
SBRSocial/Behavioral Research
SBRScarff-Bloom-Richardson (prognostic factor in breast cancer)
SBRSkills-Based Routing
SBRSerum Bilirubin
SBRShiny Black Rubber
SBRStatistical Bit Rate
SBRSveriges Biodlares Riksförbund (Swedish: Swedish Beekeepers Association)
SBRShort Barrel Rifle
SBRShooting and Bouncing Ray (cavity analysis method)
SBRSir Bobby Robson (English football manager; UK)
SBRSports Betting Research (Sportsbook Review)
SBRSpecial Boat Squadron (US Navy designation)
SBRScientific Based Research
SBRSaturable Bragg Reflector
SBRSit Back & Relax
SBRStandard Bit Rate
SBRStolen Base Runs (baseball statistic)
SBRSmall Business Reserve Program (Maryland)
SBRSeparately Budgeted Research (education)
SBRSilver Birch Ranch
SBRSpawning Biomass Ratio
SBRSignal Bias Removal
SBRStore Bought Rebels (band)
SBRSummary Billing Record
SBRSchotterbettreinigungsmaschine (German)
SBRSpeaker Back Right
SBRSilver-Bronze Medal
SBRStabilized Breakdown Rate
SBRService Business Relation (Fujitsu)
SBRSteel Bulb Rectifier
SBRsomatosensory blink response
SBRSociety of the Bitter Rose (est. 1998; gaming)
SBRSociety for Biological Rhythm
SBRSelection Board Results
SBRSociété Bretonne du Rhododendron (French: Rhododendron Society of Brittany)
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Characteristics of Aerobic Granules Rich in autotrophic ammonium-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Sequencing Batch Reactor, Chem.
1987) found 80% of inorganic nitrogen was disappeared in their full-scale sequencing batch reactor.
Influence of hydraulic retention time on the operation of a submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor (SM-SBR) for the treatment of greywater.
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The activated sludge process, which is especially suited for combined substrate (COD) and nutrient removal, is the sequencing batch reactor (SBR).
The United States of America Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC) has patented a 10,000 gallon sequencing batch reactor tank for the on-site bio-degradation of oily sludge.
Analysis of the bacterial community inhabiting an aerobic thermophilie sequencing batch reactor (AT-SBR) treating swine waste.
The results of the study carried out demonstrated that the anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (ASBR) is a suitable and effective tool for anaerobic treatment of sulphate-rich wastewaters from baker's yeast production plants.