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nusemi, a technology-leading startup with industry veteran leaders, is developing next-generation SerDes technologies that will complement Cadences existing SerDes solutions.
The four channels of the device can be trunked to form a single logical link for SERDES of IEEE 802.
The SerDes transceiver closes that gap and lays the fundamental groundwork for the future by providing the infrastructure for manufacturers to continually make improvements to their products without the danger of an 10 log-jam.
MoSys' Bandwidth Engine SerDes is compatible with the OIF CEI-11G specification, allowing it to interface with OIF compliant transceivers, such as those available from LSI.
The industry-leading 56G SerDes PHY delivers enterprise-class performance across the challenging signaling environments typical of high-speed communication systems and provides PAM-4 and NRZ signaling with a scalable ADC-based (analog-to-digital converter) architecture.
The ARROW-2xGE is the first commercially available device to integrate the Gigabit Ethernet PHY, SERDES and MAC function together with Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) mapping and Virtual Concatenation (VC) for standards-based Gigabit Ethernet into SONET implementations.
The circuits used in JBODs and hubs differ substantially from SerDes since, for the most part, these systems do not deserialize data, but rather route serial data within the system.
Achieving CEI-28G-VSR compliance brings the high-bandwidth, low-power SerDes to a broader range of data networking applications.
In additional testing performed at Mindspeed's laboratory, the SkyRail SerDes transceiver passed and recovered data at full speed through 30 inches of FR-4 and two Tyco Z-PACK HM-Zd connectors error-free for more than 20 minutes.
MoSys' Bandwidth Engine SerDes is compatible with the OIF CEI-11 specification allowing it to interface with high-performance network processing ASICs such as those available from Avago Technologies.
AMCC's integration path of SerDes cells into VLSI devices is happening today," said Jim Icuss, director of Semiconductor Development, AMCC.