SERISSheffield Energy and Resources Information Services (Sheffield, UK)
SERISSouth East Regional Internet Society
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Johnson Wong, head of the PV Characterisation Team at SERIS, said : "Solar simulators that can only give us a short pulse can t provide accurate measurements of high-efficiency cells that exhibit a strong capacitive effect.
Torsten Brammer, CEO of WAVELABS, added : "Sending a SINUS-220 to SERIS in Singapore is an important milestone for us.
AkzoNobel has developed significant knowledge in this field and together with SERIS, will identify how to best reduce the total cost of ownership of solar power," added Dr Bram Hoex, director of the Silicon Materials and Cells Cluster at SERIS.
By cooperating with SERIS we enter into a strategic partnership with the aim of enhancing our leading know-how in vacuum process technologies on a high level and to offer state-of-the-art vacuum coating solutions to our customers.
SERIS has acquired a state-of-the-art and highly versatile in-line magnetron sputtering platform from FHR, which provides excellent process control and which is capable of depositing a variety of advanced TCO materials onto substrates with a size of up to 300 mm x 400 mm.
SERIS is sponsored by Singapore's National Research Foundation (NRF) via the Economic Development Board (EDB), as well as the National University of Singapore (NUS).
SERIS attendees will learn how Tcert's Edapt technology is transforming old school online training into an addictive user-friendly event.
For more information about the meeting, contact SERIS President Bob Michaluk at president@seris.
Dr Bram Hoex, director of the silicon materials and cells cluster at SERIS, stated "Together with SERIS we will identify how to best reduce the total cost of ownership of solar power," Dr Hoex explained.