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Nowhere in history is tribal sovereignty and the autonomy of individual native nations more important than in the Seven Years' War.
He has also culled many facts from an impressive secondary bibliography of recent scholarship about the Seven Years' War.
He is thus a Whig apologist for the larger abstract economic forces unleashed by the Seven Years' War, and he becomes a cultural "totem," Sterne's "narrative forces the reader to confront the historical contradictions of the mid-century, even as Toby offers his affective apologia" (98).
Like most wars, the Seven Years' War put a tremendous burden on Britain's treasury, and Prime Minister George Grenville looked to the colonies for new sources of revenue.
Thus, he argues, nuptiality and illegitimacy rose as a result of the draft, disrupting demographic "equilibrium" and propelling a "population explosion" after the Seven Years' War Younger marriages and illegitimacy were part of the breakdown of patrimonial and household authority.
In light of the historical context of the Seven Years' War, the publishing history of several Boston printers, and the generic models of Indian captivity narratives, Sekora reveals the conditions under which a black voice could be produced.
Educated in Madrid, Cadalso y Vazquez traveled widely and, although he hated war, he enlisted in the army during the Seven Years' War.
Principal wars: Seven Years' War (1756-1763); war with Turkey (1787-1791); French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1799).
They corresponded to more general wars in Europe: the War of the Grand Alliance, the War of the Spanish Succession, the War of the Austrian Succession, and the Seven Years' War.
In this reading, the ability of the state to keep its troops healthy was, in no small part, responsible for its successes during the Seven Years' War.
This edition has been updated to include revised discussion of gender and religion and the 1832 Reform Act, updated discussion of the Jacobite threat and Seven Years' War, expanded discussion of the abolition of the slave trade, new sections on commerce and empire and Britain and Europe, new maps and charts, and a revised introduction and expanded conclusion.
She was built in 1765 to mark the Year of Victories of 1759 when in the Seven Years' War against the French, four vital battles had been won, two on land, two at sea.