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SGOOffice of the Secretary General
SGOStatement of Government Operations
SGOStudent Government Organization
SGOSpecial Guardianship Order (legal order; UK)
SGOSociety of Gynecologic Oncologists
SGOSurgeon General's Office
SGOSt George, Queensland, Australia - St George (Airport Code)
SGOStuff Going On (polite form)
SGOSenior Government Official
SGOSecond Generation Outsourcing
SGOStandard Garrison Organization
SGOSilicon Graphics Onyx
SGOSolid Grade Oligomer (chemistry)
SGOSingle Generator Operation
SGOStained Glass Overlay, Inc.
SGOSweat Output per Gland
SGOSex, Gender, Orientation
SGOSacred Ground Outreach (Siletz, OR)
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Also, the professional relationship is permissible on condition that the services or products offered are not 'germane' to the activities of the SGO to which they were appointed.
For instance, an SGO boss would not be allowed to use the limo to drive to work but only to be driven to official functions.
Some 25 women were appointed to SGO boards in total, including three to the top position.
Also, we suspect that parties are under pressure from their members to stake a claim in the distribution of the SGO seats and chairmanships.
The EAC unions' rhetoric mirrors that of their colleagues in the other two SGO.
The auditor-general further argued that some SGOs have no reason to remain in operation, as they simply put a drain on public finances, like the Olive Products Council.
The free-of-charge training solution will enable students, freelancers and customers to learn how to use the advanced Hero Suite technology through direct hands-on experience, including access to expert user support from SGO forums, webinars and online tutorials.
As a result the grandmother took legal action, securing a PS10,000 settlement from the council as well as having the SGO allowance reinstated and a Child Arrangement Order allowance in respect of the older child.
The terms of the SGO boards expired on June 30, but a decision on the new appointments was delayed due to the crisis over the recent Solea fires as well as President Nicos Anastasiades' attendance of a European Council Summitdiscussing the Brexit referendum.
Finalmente, se pudo examinar un ejemplar del herbario de Santiago, SGO 50560, el que tambien esta identificado como A.
Both the SGO and ACOG documents take into account the recently approved human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA test, which is indicated as a primary cervical cancer screening tool.